Saturday, March 5, 2011

Femar Garden Resort & Hotel: A Review

When we went back home in Manila, I've already arranged in my mind to take my children for a swim. And since my aunt's home (where we stayed during our vacation) is in Antipolo City, I know that there are many resorts nearby.

The nearest one is just 5 minutes walking distance from Hinulugang Taktak waterfalls, 10 minutes travel time from Antipolo Cathedral Church and 8 minutes travel time to enormous Antipolo White Cross. The one I'm talking about is FEMAR GARDEN RESORT & HOTEL.

The main entrance to the resort

My two kids @ the main entrance

Resort Overlooking

Kiddie Pool 1 & 2

Umbrella Cottage

Pool side

Resort Rooms

Hotel rooms & Convention Center

It was a great experience for my kids as they don't have so much chances for bonding and so am I, with them. The pools, resort and the rooms are clean. This was our second visit, actually. But our first time was when my eldest kid was still seven or eight years old. My two kids both have enjoyed the pool. Swimming is one of their common activities, aside from eating and playing! :D

It wasn't too expensive to stay there as compare to Villa Virginia Resort which cost way too much and it's a little far from Femar. The prices I have listed below may increase depends on the Management's discretion, for more information about prices please contact them at or visit their website at and their phone numbers are 697-1838/697-1719/703-5048. So... book your stay NOW! :)

Resort Entrance Fee: *as of February, 2011

Day: from 6am-6pm Adult Child
Php100 Php70

Night: from 6pm-12pm Php120 Php80

Extended hours of stay on Friday & Saturday is Php35.00 only, for those who want to stay overnight.

Resort Rooms (every 12 hrs rate)

Air-conditioned: Php1,000
Non-Air : Php800

Picnic shed costs Php500.00 is good for 10 persons already. Umbrella cottage is good for 4 persons and costs Php350.00 only.

Hotel Rates: Check-in at 2pm, check out at 12 noon

Standard rooms (2-3 persons) Php1,700.00

Family rooms (4-5 persons) Php2,700.00

Extra Mattress: Php350.00

Extension per hour Php300.00


mgracemacapagal said...

tnx for this <3 been looking for a cool spot in antipolo. now we got it! =)

Elektra said...

@mgracemacapagal- you're very welcome! thank u for visiting my site. Femar is way too cheaper than Villa Virginia and it's easier, closer to the highway going to Femar! Enjoy your stay! :D

femargardenresort said...

Hi Electra.. thank you so much for patronizing our Femar Garden Resort and hotel.. :))

* This is Ms. Joy Marinas of Sales & Marketing of Femar Garden Resort

Elektra said...

Hi Madam Joy! You're very much welcome! We will visit there again soon with my hubby... :D

And thank you for visiting my site! I guess I'm not only patronizing, but more on promoting it. Because I know that Femar is a GOOD CHOICE! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Elektra. I am planning a trip to Antipolo for January or February. What you said about the Femar Hotel has been very helpful. I am glad I found your site. I will probably stay at the Femar.

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