Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Alone (Day 8): Feeling Like Winter

I woke up at past 7am, it is so cold since yesterday here in Bangkok. Unlike the past few days because it is just cloudy and windy. Yesterday, when I went out I thought of bringing my umbrella to prepare for heavy rains but it didn't come. It's 15 degrees now here since yesterday and I feel like it is getting very cold. I love this kind of weather, but I hope to see the sun, too. I feel so lazy all day and night. I am thinking of just staying home and do nothing but internet surfing. I was watching movies via veetle.com. Then, suddenly thought that my hubby might have an email for me and I am right. I sent a reply to him and below herewith is the content of my letter.


Hi. How's she and your family? It's so cold here and I am feeling so lazy because it's cold in this room. Wow! Sofia is going to attend a birthday party. Please take some pictures during the birthday celebration with other kids. She looks whiter when she's with her cousins. I envy her. What is Sofia's gift to the birthday kid this Sunday? She has to have a present. What is she going to wear on Sunday? I miss her and you, of course. Is she already walking? Does she want to play with other kids or alone? What time does she usually sleep and how many times in a day? I am the one getting excited here! LOL can you video her on Sunday, please? thanks in advance.

It's good that you spend some time out, with your family. My size now is Large and here I get extra large or 2XL, that depends on the fabric and cut/design. But, if you're just getting a cotton shirt size Medium is my size in America. You can tell the difference of the sizes because if size Large of female fits you... then you get the Medium lolololol I don't like super loose or the super fit, either. Can you get me a souvenir shirt? my color is purple, black, gray or white or navy blue but it's up to you what color is available there.

I love tutoring korean kids because I know they are more diligent and willing to learn than other kids here or in the Philippines. I hate crazy-lazy and rude students, too. She is a fast learner so I have to refresh my skills, reviewing which are appropriate to teach her or I might not be a good teacher at all hahahaha. I will have to prepare my lesson, a day before our schedule so everything is in order. I didn't want her to ask me things that I couldn't be able to answer. Her English speaking is good.

Can you also buy some seasonings that you think you can make here? I just thought to have or taste some of American dishes. And have you already got the right recipe for gravy sauce for the meat you were trying to cook? hehehe

Oh don't worry about your car, I'll ask Noi to help me take it from Toyota this 31st. I will keep you updated on this matter for sure. As for the apartments for rent... I will shoot two birds with one stone. I will still need Noi to do it for me when she gets here or after we get your car from Toyota, since she will still be here then. Or I could ask some of my English speaking, Thai friend who lives around here to help me speak with the house owner/care taker.

I still haven't got a picture of you with Sofia there. I miss both of you so much and I hope you enjoy your day and this coming weekend. I was wondering how are we going to go chat online and see Sofia on cam and so your mom and dad? How is it possible? Have you downloaded the skype, already? I hope you did. Take care. I love you and Sofia.



I am just feeling lazy today and probably because of the weather. I am still in bed since I woke up. Of course, I need to eat and go to the toilet to pee and poop. But, what I am saying is that I stayed longer in bed doing nothing but internet browsing, blogging, chatting and watching videos. I will just take the opportunity to contemplate on my weekly plan the next two weeks before my hubby and daughter come back from Tenneesee.

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