Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Alone (Day 9) An Extra Ordinary Day

I thought that my hubby was going to be busy today. But, he surprised me this evening. He went online and we had chat with webcam so that I could meet his family in Tennessee. It's the first time to meet them on webcam. They looked very happy to meet me online and to be with my hubby and daughter in there. They will be spending three weeks holiday vacation and a week has passed. It was such a long time, so many years since he last visited his family in America.

Last weekend, his sisters and their families from New York and Florida flew to Tennessee just to visit them. It's because my husband and daughter aren't always there so they came to meet them. It was a happy and memorable reunion. His mom hopes to meet me in person, too. When she saw me on cam, she sounded very happy and so much grateful that she is with them.

It was 6am in Tennessee, he just woke up. He was telling me about the happenings in his family and showing me our daughters new clothes. He is perfect a dad to our daughter and a wonderful husband for me. His mom greeted me, she just woke up, too. She is so sweet. He has close family ties and so am I. It was great to see them, it reminds me how it goes at home. We both have a normal family background. We grew up with legitimate parents and a happy surroundings. I missed my childhood and I just wish I could go back where I could be with my father (may he rest in peace) and play with my two siblings or help my mom doing her filing and clustering stuff from work.

This is indeed a very special day for me!

Our daughter's showcasing her skills in driving her tractor

My hubby was feeding our daughter. They're both funny and sweet. I love them both :)

Sofia's breakfast part 2

Sofia on the swing and the fall lol (but it wasn't a bad fall, after all! Thank God)

His niece and her daughter, Lexi (our grand daughter LOL)

Our daughter and one of his sisters

His two nieces

His other two sisters

His mom and our daughter

Our daughter, she looks so funny here LOL

Our daughter was playing with cousins while in a hammock

Landon and our daughter

Playing the barbie doll & toy car

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