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Report of Birth, Birth Certificate and New Born Passport; Part 1

I remember when I was processing my youngest daughter's birth certificate and passport, last year. It was a little tough due to language barrier and inexperience about the situation. Good thing, I have some Thai friends to help me with these challenges.

When I gave birth here last April, 2010, I wasn't aware that Thai hospitals do encourage the CS operation than the normal delivery so it did scare me a lot! Much more about processing the documents here in Thailand. In most hospitals, they will give you the birth certificate form in Thai (of course) and they will give the birth certificate in Thai afterwards. But you have to first ask them, if they will also give you the English translated version of it. If not, you will be asked to have it translated in English by yourself (your own money). It will cost you about 1,200.00 baht for each page. We had it done at Siam Computer and Language Center, Fashion Islands Mall (along Ram Inthra road).

After you have it translated, you've got to take it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chaengwattana to have it authenticated. When I called to ask about how much, they won't tell it to you on the phone and they will request you to just visit their office for more information. I also had nobody to ask about this and the process was really killing me. It would have been easier if we understood the whole process we're going through and how much we're going to pay. But it's just the way it is here. Bottom line is... if only I had known this before, I would still choose to give birth in the Philippines.

Types of Processing for Authentication

1. Ordinary - will take you 2 days to get the authenticated birth certificate, both English and Thai - 200 baht/each document (as per 2010)

200 baht x 2 docs (English & Thai docs) = 400 baht

2. Special or Rush - you can get it/them on the same day, just about 2-3 hours- 400 baht each

400 baht x 2 docs = 800 baht

The computation above is for single citizenship and below is for dual newborn passport.

ordinary 400 baht x 2 = 800 baht
special/rush 800 baht x 2 = 1,600 baht

If your newborn has got dual citizenship, you have to get 2 copies each of Thai and English translated birth certificates. At the Philippine Embassy here in Bangkok, they will get the original copy of the English translated and the Thai certified true copy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Applying for a newborn passport depends on the citizenship of both parents. You have to inquire about this at your embassy here in Thailand. In applying for a newborn passport, you have to make sure that the birth certificate is translated in English and authenticated. Likewise, the information stated in the birth certificate is correct (spelling, date of birth, name of parents, etc.)

If the document is ready then bring it to the Philippine embassy (if Filipino).

Requirements to apply for a newborn passport:

*original copy ng english translated birth certificate
*certified true copy in Thai version (just to show them, for verification)
*passport size photo 4 pcs (120 baht 6 copies)
*Original passport and photocopy of the parent/s
*Personal appearance of the parent
*Married Certificate, authenticated and certified true copy (if parents are married)

Documents to be filled up by the parent/s:

*passport application form
*Report of Birth (4 pages are the same content, but write legibly as this will serve as Certificate of Live Birth and will appear the same handwritten copy, once you submitted this to National Statistic Office)
*Affidavit of illegitimacy (if not married)

Fees:(Subject to change)
passport fee - 2,250
report of birth - 1,250
affidavit of illegitimacy - 1,000 baht

Passport application here in Thailand will take you about 1 month.

Take note: The Report of birth copy that the Philippine Embassy will give you is said to be okay... BUT, you still have to submit the photocopy of this to the NSO so you can get the SECPA or authenticated version. You will have to pay 140.00 pesos (as of Feb, 2011). It took me two weeks to be able to get the SECPA.

The report of birth here in Thailand is so expensive! And yet, you still have to give NSO a copy of your child's report of birth abroad. For more information and updates, please log on

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