Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Alone (Day 1)

It was 1:00 am when my mobile phone snoozed, which means we should get ready to the airport. We hurriedly dressed up and got the luggage and other things. I double checked if he got all the documents that they need and of course, the ticket. So it was ready, I was kinda emo-freak that time.

We were early to arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, it was only 2:00am. The check-in luggage counter was still closed so we decided to just wait and chit chat a little. Then, we were advised by the Delta Airlines staff to stand in line. It wasn't a big deal because my hubby just had 1 luggage for check-in, 1 small backpack and a collapsible baby stroller. The attending staff thought that I was traveling with them. Sad to say~ I said, "No."

March 22, 2011, it was the day when my hubby and 10 month old baby travelled to America without me. Three weeks vacation that we won't be together. I wonder how my little baby would react or behaved on the plane and when she finally meet her grandparents and paternal relatives.

When it was time to go to the Immigration checkpoint at the airport, I knew I would cry hard. I gave them a tight hug and kiss. I controlled my emotions and told myself not to cry in front of them so that it would be easy for them. I begged my hubby to go online so I could be able to see them on cam once they get there. Likewise, to take a picture on them with his family everyday. As soon as they went inside the immigration area, that was the time I felt sad. I walked out of the airport and took a cab back home.

At home, I cried a lot. It was already 5:10 in the morning when I arrived. I thought of watching TV because I wasn't sleepy. I miss them both. The early morning sun showed up, but, still I was awake. I only had one thing in my mind, to write an email about my concerns and to say that I love and miss them so much. Since, I couldn't sleep I went out for a walk. I went back home, but still I AM ALONE :(

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