Friday, February 18, 2011

Mother and Daughters' Bonding Time @ Mall of Asia

There are cheaper ways to treat the kids that they will surely enjoy. When I went back home in the Philippines last January, I thought of something that was worth remembering for my kids... Sooner we will have plenty of time together.

We went to Mall of Asia, it is a huge mall and they were saying that you can't be able to spend a day to roam around the whole place. At first, we had a pictorial in front of the famous mall.

Me and my youngest

Before we went to the major, major event of the day, we dined in at the Jammin' Jamaica Restaurant there and it was really awesome. I spent only 500 bucks for our food and the kids loved it!

We ordered medium sized pizza and spaghetti.

I've decided to rent a kiddie cart so that my youngest would be able to enjoy the stroll and it's a stress-free because I wouldn't need to carry her all day and I could also put the shopping bags at the back compartment. Renting a kiddie cart will cost you 60 pesos per hour. I wasn't sure how long it would be when we went in so I rented a whole day package for only 180.00.

The kiddie cart was really cool! We chose the pegasus design for my youngest. She really enjoyed sitting in there as my eldest was pushing her. My role was to take a picture and video while minding the way to go or else we would be in trouble with other people lol

Ice Skating is really an exciting activity. My eldest daughter requested me to take her here because she wanted to experience for the first time to skate. Initially, I thought it would only cost about 150 pesos per hour, but I was shocked because it was 390.00 now! I was referring maybe after many years (lmao). But that 390.00 is still affordable because they said it's unlimited which simply means not limited to an hour, and it's based on the store/mall hours. For example: from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm or whole day.

The 390.00 worth includes the helmet and the skating shoes. Every 3 or 4pm, the skating rink will be shaped up or that thing that goes around the icy floor to minimize the super ice and even out the floor.

I would thought of renting an instructor for my Nikki but, I just thought it was a little expensive and she has to learn on her own. Besides, if someone likes to do something, I believe that s/he will do anything if not something. She likes to skate so she has to do something to learn on her own. The instructor cost 150 pesos for 30 minutes and that's it!

At first, my daughter was nervous, ashamed of herself/lack of courage and self esteem. But I told her, if she didn't want to, then we will need to go home. But she said she loves skating and she wanted to learn. She tried really hard to do anything and something to impress me! That's my GIRL! ;)

She is really a friendly person like me, she made friends and asked them to help her what to do to skate without falling down. Of course, that couldn't be avoided because she know nothing about it but she just loves to do and learn. I am happy for her. She enjoyed skating that day. I wanted to join but I couldn't be able to do it with my youngest who was 8 months old then, plus we bought some things and the kiddie cart was my responsibility, too! We just sat down watching her while we were eating. Probably, next time we would be able to do skating with my family.

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