Monday, February 14, 2011

Love ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥

Today is Valentine's day! So I wanna greet you all a very HAPPY HEART's DAY! I actually wrote this poem about LOVE for the only man of my life, last January 7. Just before we go to Philippines (again) I dedicated this to my lover and best friend.. the father of my daughter,Rex. My love for him is immeasurable. Happy 2nd year Anniversary to us!

♥ Love Of My Life ♥

I have never been so much happy like this in my life,
As if everything is beautiful and that I am hopeful.
He gives me strength whenever I am feeling down,
A friend to lean on when trouble comes.

I have never asked him to be my best friend,
But still he proves to be THE ONE.
I couldn't ask for more for he's the only guy, I adore,
A lover and best friend who's always there for me.

I may be imperfect for him,
But I'm willing to change my bad habits
Because I LOVE HIM ♥
With him, life is simply wonderful and happy.

Finally, the story of my love life has just began.
The friendship we built is the relationship we had
We started as friends and before we knew it..
We both fell in love ♥

His character was just like in my dreams before,
Never thought that he's the one
That I've been searchin' for.
He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE ♥

He is my lover and bestfriend.
He tell me everything that I ought to know,
Good or bad, he's just there to listen and to console
Whether it's my fault or not, he's always there to help

He is the music to my heart,
The reason why I am happy every single day
He trusted me with all his heart
And he's doing the best that he can, to prove his LOVE ♥

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