Monday, February 28, 2011

Late Registration of Birth in Quezon City, Philippines (Short Cut Version)

I made a blog about the same topic but this time I want the short cut version because the last time I overdid it hahahaha it was too long to explain about the process and the experience I went through. The process is so simple and yet complicated for those who couldn't be able to submit a necessary requirements such as:

1. Marriage Certificate of Parents
2. Baptismal Certificate of the Applicant/Affiant or the Person who has no Birth Certificate
3. Community Tax Certificate
4. Voter's Registration Certificate
5. Certificate of No Birth from NSO
6. Accomplished Certificate of Live Birth (4 copies/typewritten/signed/notarized)
7. Health Records
8. Official Receipts

take note: Every person has different case so, they might ask you to submit other or additional document like Police Clearance and/or NBI and school records. So, in other words, it is case to case basis.

Here is my link to the other blog: about my experience.

How to apply / file a late registration of birth:

Step 1: go to Window 4 (Birth Certificate division) to search for a copy of birth certificate. I know it's stupid to search for something that you know it's not existing which is why you are applying because there's nothing. But that's the way it is. Because that is the only proof to tell anyone that "there's no birth record available" than just pure talk.

You will fill out an application to search slip, if they can't find it in the database, you will be asked to pay P50.00 for the certification of no record at the Cashier's Office located outside the LCRO building. After you pay, go back to Window 4 and they will ask you to come back tomorrow or after two days.

Step 2: If you have all the requirements complete, proceed to Window 13. They will give you four (4) copies of Certificate of Live Birth. That should all be filled out but TYPEWRITTEN. In the same building/office, you will find clerks who accept typing jobs, it only cost 50.00. Don't forget to give all the data and must be completed correctly to avoid problems in the future. Such as the spelling of the names, the dates, place, gender etc. Incorrect entry of data will cost you a lot in court! They need your community tax certificate. Have it signed by the person involved.

Step 3: Notarization of the COLB (the 4 copies typewritten), it will cost you only 50.00 to do that. Don't forget the Community Tax Certificate or Cedula as they will ask it from you.

Step 4: Go back to Window 13 to submit all the documents, you need to pay the 150.00 for the late registration, you have to submit the Official Receipt and they will give you a copy of the COLB (the green one) with the date stamped on it so you will know when you will come back. They will ask you to comeback after seven to ten working days as they will need to file it at the National Statistics office.

Presto! The certificate of live birth is already filed/registered so easy!

Late Birth Registration Fee - 150.00
Certification of No Birth Record - 140.00 (NSO)
Certificate of No Birth Record - 50.00 (LCRO)
Notarization Fee - 50.00
Typing of document Fee - 50.00
Community Tax Certificate - 55.00
Php 495.00 only
*as of February, 2011, prices may change in the future

Remember, if you are not the person who needs the late birth registration, you have to present a valid identification, showing that you are relative or related to the said person and if not, better to be ready for the "authorization letter" from the person who needs it and with signatory. It is a letter authorizing you (your full name must appear on the letter) to process the late registration of birth of the said person.

Valid ID such as passport, company ID, voter's ID, postal ID, SSS/GSIS ID and a lot more.

It will cost you a little more if you need some documents like Affidavits for Marriage if there is no marriage certificate records, for example etc. Couple with that, you have to include your transportation and food.

You can do it on your own, do not depend on others to do it for you because it will cost you more unless you are ready to pay extra like 1,000-3,000 pesos more :) That's up to you.

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