Monday, February 21, 2011

January Birthday Celebrants' Treat

January is a very special month for me, not only because it is a first month of the year but because of the two lovely people who are very close to my heart whom I love so much. My mom and my eldest daughter were both born in January.

My mom with my two girls :D

I am happy to see her back in good shape again after her knee operation. Thank God! God is really good. She was so happy when we met her at the office. It was a surprise visit. So after our flight, I went to pick up my eldest and we went to shop a little and went straight to my mom's office.

She said that she's going to retire soon and that she needs my help for her documents that she needs to file and so as to do other things for her passport.

She's looking younger than the last time I saw her. I admire her a lot for having such very positive outlook, healthy mind and spirit and the hard work. She has been working in the government for 35 years straight (more or less).

The most charming, young looking senior citizen whom I love so much... no one else but my MOM, of course! She is the best.

Group picture of 3 generations :)

Birthday blow out for the January girls

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