Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Irony

Look at the image below. Ironic, isn't it? Life is sometimes like that.

We sometimes wonder why we seek something and yet we couldn't find it... Questions that we couldn't be able to answer. Certain things that we hope not to happen but it does. What an irony!

Ironic it is.. when you hope and pray not to be pregnant again but you are! I wonder why some people couldn't easily get pregnant or infertile when they are really hopeful to have just one... Regardless of age and life style, I just notice that it's just the opposite... or maybe coincidental.

Why are those married people having difficulty to bear a child? And why are those unmarried ones could easily get pregnant? What about those rich couples who are wanting to have babies and those poor couples who have 3-12 children?

Ironic when you think of people who are saying this stuff to you and yet doing the opposite one!

Ironic when you are broken hearted, praying and hoping to find one.. only to find out that you will get hurt again so bad.

What an irony! When you wish it won't happen again but it does and it occurs repeatedly!

Yes, there is irony everywhere and because LIFE itself is ironic, full of mysteries and challenges. That does not mean that we stop fighting for life. We just need to stand up each time we fall and face the reality. Lower down your expectations a bit but do not underestimate yourself. Make realistic expectations/objectives and DO IT!

There's nothing powerful than PRAYERS. But make sure you pray whole heartedly also we should not include prayers that will cause HARM or BAD to other people. If you think you cannot do or control things.. pray harder and leave it all to GOD.

borrowed image from yahoo images :)

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