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How To Apply For Late Registration of Birth in Quezon City

This is a snap shot of a Certificate of Live Birth from National Statistic Office in the Philippines. Others called this SECPA.

I was requested by my mom to file a late registration of birth for her, in preparation for her upcoming retirement which is maybe 2-3 years from now. I would have done this long ago, but she won't let me do it because her "AGE" is sacred which means to say that she won't reveal her real age. That made it difficult for me when I was growing up because I needed to ask how old she was but she was getting angry whenever I ask about it. But now, she realized that she couldn't hide it any longer to me because I need important facts for her document. And she is also aware now that she belongs to a Senior Citizen's group lol.

Requirements for filing of late registration (60 years old)

1. Any two (2) of the following evidences, showing name of the child/person, name of mother and father, to wit:

* Baptismal Record
* Voter's Certification
* Police Clearance
* Medical Records
* ITR of Parents
* School Record
* Marriage Certificate of Parents
* NSO Certification (that the person applying has no record or negative)
* City Civil Registry Certification (that the person applying has no record or negative)

I looked at the listed requirements and explained that there's no way I could get any of those things that wasn't highlighted in here. I couldn't get the school record, ITR of parents, marriage certificate and baptismal anymore because my grandparents were both deceased and probably I would still be having a hard time asking them if they're still alive because they won't be able to remember.

The process I've gone through:

1. I went to the Quezon City Civil Registry Office to ask for a copy of birth certificate if there is any. They asked me to fill out the slip about my mom's whereabouts so they would look at in their data base at Window 4. But they couldn't find it there so they asked me to come back on Monday because I went Friday. Meanwhile, I didn't waste time on that day so I went to the Commission on Election to get a recent copy of Voter's Certification with dry seal. They gave me two pages of that and two copies each. My mom's date of birth was noted. I paid sixty-five pesos (65.00) for that and they did not give an Official Receipt and I still don't know why.. even I asked about the receipt, just they said it won't matter and not included in the submission of requirements.

2. The same day I went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get my mom's birth record, but, then they gave a certification saying that there's no record available. I didn't need to stand in a very long line because there is a priority lane for senior citizen and women with baby or children. I got the document really quick on that day! It cost me 140.00 for the certificate

3. When I got the copy of the Voter's Certification and the Certification from the NSO, I went to the Quezon City Hall's City Civil Registry Office to submit these two documents for filing a late registration of birth. I went back to Window 4. I was asked to pay 50.00 for the certification of negative birth from the Civil Registry. They gave me the Official Receipt.

4. I went to Window 13 to submit all the requirements and they gave me the four copies of Certificate of Live Birth Form (COLB). They told me to have it typewritten at the Clerk's desk and it cost me 50.00 only

Remember, it is very important to know the whereabouts of the person concerned. I had a hard time on my part because I had to provide some info that even my mom wasn't sure of or had no idea. Like, where her parents got married, the date of the wedding, birthdate and place of her parents and the full name. Just imagine, how many decades had passed to recall these information is really a pain in the ass. My gosh! my mom is 60 years old already!!! how could she be able to remember all those information and take note, the Civil Registry had to ask me about my mom's baptismal certificate when she, herself wasn't able to see and remember how it look like.

5. So after the 4 copies of Certificate of Live Birth was typewritten, I went back to Window 13, I was asked to pay for the late birth which cost 150.00 and they told me to proceed to the next step, which is notarization of the said document and they need a cedula or the tax certificate which cost fifty five (55.00) pesos. But, before I had them notarized, I went home to ask for my mom's signature for all the 4 copies, specially at the back. And since, she claimed that her parents were married, the officer was asking for a proof of marriage or the marriage certificate. I was shocked! My mom said she couldn't provide any because the said document was too old and she doesn't know where it was.. if there's any copy left.

6. I went to Window 9 to inquire about marriage certificate of my maternal grandparents. I wrote the data in a slip so they would find it on their database. But, they told me to pay for 50.00 and when I paid, they said to go back tomorrow for the result. If there is a record of marriage, then I won't have a problem.

7. I just decided it was causing me so much trouble to find OLD DOCUMENTS such as:

* Marriage Certificate of my grand parents
* Baptismal Certificate of my mom

Someone advised me to just get an Affidavit stating that the marriage certificate of my mom's parents are no longer available due to negligence and because of time constraint there's no other way to find it. That Affidavit cost 200.00 (jeeezzz..) but it's better like that than nothing at all. Though, I wish I also included the baptismal certificate of my as well...

8. Before, I went back to Window 13, I made sure my documents were complete as follows:

* Application for copy of birth certificate slip (filled out)
* Voter's Registration Certificate (from Commission on Election)
* Certificate of No Birth Record (from the NSO)
* Certificate of No Birth Record (from the Local Civil Registry/QC City Hall)
* Certificate of Live Birth Form (4 copies/typewritten with correct and complete info/signed by the person concerned/notarized)
* Affidavit for Marriage Certificate
* Official Receipts included
* Community Tax Certificate or Cedula

I submitted these and they gave me a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth and asked me to come back after 7 working days, the date was stamped on the COLB. It took me one week to process because I needed to come back for the result, probably if I have all the documents that they need when I applied it would only take me ONE day! They said that they will take the document to the National Statistics Office for filing. I will wait for two months to be able to get a copy of SECPA or the certified true copy from the NSO.


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