Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corrs... Of Course! All The Love In The World, Would You Be Happier? ;D

I can't think of other songs that I really love to sing this time than the.. CORRS of course! Sure, I love the Carpenters and ABBA but I would love to sing some songs that aren't very familiar like the songs of Corrs. But, I am not saying that they are infamous, because they were and still are for those people ages late 20's and above (laughs).

The songs that I have here are:

1. All The Love In The World

2. Run Away

3. So Young

4. What Can I Do?

5. At Your Side

6. Breathless

7. Love To Love You

8. Radio

9. I Never Loved You Anyway

10. Don't Say You Love Me

11. Would You Be Happier?

12. Irresistible

13. Give Me A Reason

14. Only When I Sleep

Among the listed above, my favorites are those highlighted ones... It's a stress-free day today! I love to sing though, I can't sing very well or as they say though the music hates me, I still love to sing via videoke or VCD!

I can make the titles into better sentences hehehehe

All the love in the world, they're so young and they run-away,she said "what can I do?" he answered, "breathless!". Let's just hear the radio. Irresistible, only when I sleep. Give me a reason, love to love you. Don't say you love me because I never loved you anyway. Would you be happier? LMAO

That was funny! Honestly, I like those songs, really phenomenal! Happy Videoke Day for me :)

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