Monday, February 28, 2011

Late Registration of Birth in Quezon City, Philippines (Short Cut Version)

I made a blog about the same topic but this time I want the short cut version because the last time I overdid it hahahaha it was too long to explain about the process and the experience I went through. The process is so simple and yet complicated for those who couldn't be able to submit a necessary requirements such as:

1. Marriage Certificate of Parents
2. Baptismal Certificate of the Applicant/Affiant or the Person who has no Birth Certificate
3. Community Tax Certificate
4. Voter's Registration Certificate
5. Certificate of No Birth from NSO
6. Accomplished Certificate of Live Birth (4 copies/typewritten/signed/notarized)
7. Health Records
8. Official Receipts

take note: Every person has different case so, they might ask you to submit other or additional document like Police Clearance and/or NBI and school records. So, in other words, it is case to case basis.

Here is my link to the other blog: about my experience.

How to apply / file a late registration of birth:

Step 1: go to Window 4 (Birth Certificate division) to search for a copy of birth certificate. I know it's stupid to search for something that you know it's not existing which is why you are applying because there's nothing. But that's the way it is. Because that is the only proof to tell anyone that "there's no birth record available" than just pure talk.

You will fill out an application to search slip, if they can't find it in the database, you will be asked to pay P50.00 for the certification of no record at the Cashier's Office located outside the LCRO building. After you pay, go back to Window 4 and they will ask you to come back tomorrow or after two days.

Step 2: If you have all the requirements complete, proceed to Window 13. They will give you four (4) copies of Certificate of Live Birth. That should all be filled out but TYPEWRITTEN. In the same building/office, you will find clerks who accept typing jobs, it only cost 50.00. Don't forget to give all the data and must be completed correctly to avoid problems in the future. Such as the spelling of the names, the dates, place, gender etc. Incorrect entry of data will cost you a lot in court! They need your community tax certificate. Have it signed by the person involved.

Step 3: Notarization of the COLB (the 4 copies typewritten), it will cost you only 50.00 to do that. Don't forget the Community Tax Certificate or Cedula as they will ask it from you.

Step 4: Go back to Window 13 to submit all the documents, you need to pay the 150.00 for the late registration, you have to submit the Official Receipt and they will give you a copy of the COLB (the green one) with the date stamped on it so you will know when you will come back. They will ask you to comeback after seven to ten working days as they will need to file it at the National Statistics office.

Presto! The certificate of live birth is already filed/registered so easy!

Late Birth Registration Fee - 150.00
Certification of No Birth Record - 140.00 (NSO)
Certificate of No Birth Record - 50.00 (LCRO)
Notarization Fee - 50.00
Typing of document Fee - 50.00
Community Tax Certificate - 55.00
Php 495.00 only
*as of February, 2011, prices may change in the future

Remember, if you are not the person who needs the late birth registration, you have to present a valid identification, showing that you are relative or related to the said person and if not, better to be ready for the "authorization letter" from the person who needs it and with signatory. It is a letter authorizing you (your full name must appear on the letter) to process the late registration of birth of the said person.

Valid ID such as passport, company ID, voter's ID, postal ID, SSS/GSIS ID and a lot more.

It will cost you a little more if you need some documents like Affidavits for Marriage if there is no marriage certificate records, for example etc. Couple with that, you have to include your transportation and food.

You can do it on your own, do not depend on others to do it for you because it will cost you more unless you are ready to pay extra like 1,000-3,000 pesos more :) That's up to you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Apply For Late Registration of Birth in Quezon City

This is a snap shot of a Certificate of Live Birth from National Statistic Office in the Philippines. Others called this SECPA.

I was requested by my mom to file a late registration of birth for her, in preparation for her upcoming retirement which is maybe 2-3 years from now. I would have done this long ago, but she won't let me do it because her "AGE" is sacred which means to say that she won't reveal her real age. That made it difficult for me when I was growing up because I needed to ask how old she was but she was getting angry whenever I ask about it. But now, she realized that she couldn't hide it any longer to me because I need important facts for her document. And she is also aware now that she belongs to a Senior Citizen's group lol.

Requirements for filing of late registration (60 years old)

1. Any two (2) of the following evidences, showing name of the child/person, name of mother and father, to wit:

* Baptismal Record
* Voter's Certification
* Police Clearance
* Medical Records
* ITR of Parents
* School Record
* Marriage Certificate of Parents
* NSO Certification (that the person applying has no record or negative)
* City Civil Registry Certification (that the person applying has no record or negative)

I looked at the listed requirements and explained that there's no way I could get any of those things that wasn't highlighted in here. I couldn't get the school record, ITR of parents, marriage certificate and baptismal anymore because my grandparents were both deceased and probably I would still be having a hard time asking them if they're still alive because they won't be able to remember.

The process I've gone through:

1. I went to the Quezon City Civil Registry Office to ask for a copy of birth certificate if there is any. They asked me to fill out the slip about my mom's whereabouts so they would look at in their data base at Window 4. But they couldn't find it there so they asked me to come back on Monday because I went Friday. Meanwhile, I didn't waste time on that day so I went to the Commission on Election to get a recent copy of Voter's Certification with dry seal. They gave me two pages of that and two copies each. My mom's date of birth was noted. I paid sixty-five pesos (65.00) for that and they did not give an Official Receipt and I still don't know why.. even I asked about the receipt, just they said it won't matter and not included in the submission of requirements.

2. The same day I went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) to get my mom's birth record, but, then they gave a certification saying that there's no record available. I didn't need to stand in a very long line because there is a priority lane for senior citizen and women with baby or children. I got the document really quick on that day! It cost me 140.00 for the certificate

3. When I got the copy of the Voter's Certification and the Certification from the NSO, I went to the Quezon City Hall's City Civil Registry Office to submit these two documents for filing a late registration of birth. I went back to Window 4. I was asked to pay 50.00 for the certification of negative birth from the Civil Registry. They gave me the Official Receipt.

4. I went to Window 13 to submit all the requirements and they gave me the four copies of Certificate of Live Birth Form (COLB). They told me to have it typewritten at the Clerk's desk and it cost me 50.00 only

Remember, it is very important to know the whereabouts of the person concerned. I had a hard time on my part because I had to provide some info that even my mom wasn't sure of or had no idea. Like, where her parents got married, the date of the wedding, birthdate and place of her parents and the full name. Just imagine, how many decades had passed to recall these information is really a pain in the ass. My gosh! my mom is 60 years old already!!! how could she be able to remember all those information and take note, the Civil Registry had to ask me about my mom's baptismal certificate when she, herself wasn't able to see and remember how it look like.

5. So after the 4 copies of Certificate of Live Birth was typewritten, I went back to Window 13, I was asked to pay for the late birth which cost 150.00 and they told me to proceed to the next step, which is notarization of the said document and they need a cedula or the tax certificate which cost fifty five (55.00) pesos. But, before I had them notarized, I went home to ask for my mom's signature for all the 4 copies, specially at the back. And since, she claimed that her parents were married, the officer was asking for a proof of marriage or the marriage certificate. I was shocked! My mom said she couldn't provide any because the said document was too old and she doesn't know where it was.. if there's any copy left.

6. I went to Window 9 to inquire about marriage certificate of my maternal grandparents. I wrote the data in a slip so they would find it on their database. But, they told me to pay for 50.00 and when I paid, they said to go back tomorrow for the result. If there is a record of marriage, then I won't have a problem.

7. I just decided it was causing me so much trouble to find OLD DOCUMENTS such as:

* Marriage Certificate of my grand parents
* Baptismal Certificate of my mom

Someone advised me to just get an Affidavit stating that the marriage certificate of my mom's parents are no longer available due to negligence and because of time constraint there's no other way to find it. That Affidavit cost 200.00 (jeeezzz..) but it's better like that than nothing at all. Though, I wish I also included the baptismal certificate of my as well...

8. Before, I went back to Window 13, I made sure my documents were complete as follows:

* Application for copy of birth certificate slip (filled out)
* Voter's Registration Certificate (from Commission on Election)
* Certificate of No Birth Record (from the NSO)
* Certificate of No Birth Record (from the Local Civil Registry/QC City Hall)
* Certificate of Live Birth Form (4 copies/typewritten with correct and complete info/signed by the person concerned/notarized)
* Affidavit for Marriage Certificate
* Official Receipts included
* Community Tax Certificate or Cedula

I submitted these and they gave me a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth and asked me to come back after 7 working days, the date was stamped on the COLB. It took me one week to process because I needed to come back for the result, probably if I have all the documents that they need when I applied it would only take me ONE day! They said that they will take the document to the National Statistics Office for filing. I will wait for two months to be able to get a copy of SECPA or the certified true copy from the NSO.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

PT Chatuporn & Vorakit: Make Your Living Easier

Are you looking for a place to stay in Bangkok? The cheapest studio type Condominium in Bangkok is here in Minburi... PT Chatuporn and Vorakit Condominium. It's an hour away from the heart of Bangkok by car an one a half travel from bus. Five minutes walk from the Jatujak 2 Market.

The two Condotels are very accessible to transportation, hospitals, markets, banks, schools and supermarkets.

For as low as 3,000 baht a month that is with Air-condition and furniture (TV with cable, telephone, cabinet, sofa, bed, vanity set). There's a 2,500 a month for non-air condition. For daily rates, only 400 baht per day. The room is good for 2-4 persons already.

They have 24-hour security, free parking space, wifi ready (just need to buy a internet card for as low as 100 baht, 500 baht for a month).

Sample computation only:

monthly basis: 3,000 baht + 7,000 (deposit and refundable after the contract expires)= 10,000 baht only to move.

daily basis: 400 baht
X 3 days
1,200 baht
+ 400 baht (deposit and refundable after check-out)
1,600 baht only (upon arrival/check-in)

For those of you who wants to visit Bangkok and would like to stay awhile or a little longer, this is a very affordable but reasonable choice.

Wanna see how the rooms are? please check this link:

and for more information, please contact them at 02-540-8106-9 (PT Chatuporn Court), 02-540-7792-4 (Vorakit Court) or just search their website. Some of the info are in Thai but you can read some in English.

PT Chatuporn Court address:
280/34-35 Soi Chatuporn, Suwinthawong Road, Minburi Bangkok 10510

We used to stay there and it was okay but because we need to move to a bigger home we transferred to a two-bedroom apartment (two storey) due to growing family. What I liked in there was that they provided us a key card for each of us and it is safe because there is a CCTV camera on all floors. Plus, they have a 24 hour security.

Goodluck on your future stay! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corrs... Of Course! All The Love In The World, Would You Be Happier? ;D

I can't think of other songs that I really love to sing this time than the.. CORRS of course! Sure, I love the Carpenters and ABBA but I would love to sing some songs that aren't very familiar like the songs of Corrs. But, I am not saying that they are infamous, because they were and still are for those people ages late 20's and above (laughs).

The songs that I have here are:

1. All The Love In The World

2. Run Away

3. So Young

4. What Can I Do?

5. At Your Side

6. Breathless

7. Love To Love You

8. Radio

9. I Never Loved You Anyway

10. Don't Say You Love Me

11. Would You Be Happier?

12. Irresistible

13. Give Me A Reason

14. Only When I Sleep

Among the listed above, my favorites are those highlighted ones... It's a stress-free day today! I love to sing though, I can't sing very well or as they say though the music hates me, I still love to sing via videoke or VCD!

I can make the titles into better sentences hehehehe

All the love in the world, they're so young and they run-away,she said "what can I do?" he answered, "breathless!". Let's just hear the radio. Irresistible, only when I sleep. Give me a reason, love to love you. Don't say you love me because I never loved you anyway. Would you be happier? LMAO

That was funny! Honestly, I like those songs, really phenomenal! Happy Videoke Day for me :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Lover

Do you love chocolates? Are you a chocoholic type of person? Can you eat a half or a kilo of chocolate bar? There is a chocolate factory in the Philippines called Chocolate Lover, Inc. and the main store is located at 45 P. Tuazon Blvd. corner C. Benitez Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

I went there last time and the prices of goods went up, surprisingly this year. Before (2005-2008), half kilo of premium chocolate bar was 48.00 to 54.00 and a kilo cost only 98.00-110.00. But now, a half kilo of premium chocolate bar costs 94.00 and the regular chocolate bar is 85.00.

If you're thinking about putting up a good business with small capital, this is one of those popular ones among small stores. I had experienced selling those chocolate lollipops, kisses and marshmallows coated with chocolate crunch to students in school, my former co-workers, neighbors and friends. It was a big hit! And the income was doubled once you know the secret and art of making of the chocolate molding.

Please check this link on how to do the chocolate molding:

Aside from selling stuff for baking, cooking and processing, they are conducting skills training.

The Castle Of Baking & Confectionery Arts has more than 16 years of sharing their baking secrets and expertise. For more info visit this site for schedule of classes,

For February-March, 2011 they have 10%-30% OFF. Reserve atleast 2 days ahead of schedule. A minimum of 12 students is needed for each class.

These are only some of the skills trainings they're offering:

Valentine Cookie Bouquet

Super Soft Special Ensaymada and Cinnamon Rolls


No Sugar Added Cake

Bonbons, Truffles & Fudge

Mega & Super Chocolate Cakes

Brownies & Cookie Lover's Dream

Chocolate Treats

Basic & Advanced Chocolate Molding (Demo)


Quick Fondant Cake Decorating (hands on)

Perfect Pizza

Ice Cream

Best of No Bake Cheese Cake


Cup cakes

Best of Pulvoron

Macaroon Madness

Chiffon Cakes

Cream Puff & Eclairs

Carrot Craze

Oatmeal goodies

Any of you who are interested to know more of Chocolate Lover store, you may contact them at (632)724-4964, 724-5752, 411-7474, cp: 0921-722-1900 (send your name, classes you wish to attend and the date of class) or visit their website at

Monday, February 21, 2011

January Birthday Celebrants' Treat

January is a very special month for me, not only because it is a first month of the year but because of the two lovely people who are very close to my heart whom I love so much. My mom and my eldest daughter were both born in January.

My mom with my two girls :D

I am happy to see her back in good shape again after her knee operation. Thank God! God is really good. She was so happy when we met her at the office. It was a surprise visit. So after our flight, I went to pick up my eldest and we went to shop a little and went straight to my mom's office.

She said that she's going to retire soon and that she needs my help for her documents that she needs to file and so as to do other things for her passport.

She's looking younger than the last time I saw her. I admire her a lot for having such very positive outlook, healthy mind and spirit and the hard work. She has been working in the government for 35 years straight (more or less).

The most charming, young looking senior citizen whom I love so much... no one else but my MOM, of course! She is the best.

Group picture of 3 generations :)

Birthday blow out for the January girls

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mother and Daughters' Bonding Time @ Mall of Asia

There are cheaper ways to treat the kids that they will surely enjoy. When I went back home in the Philippines last January, I thought of something that was worth remembering for my kids... Sooner we will have plenty of time together.

We went to Mall of Asia, it is a huge mall and they were saying that you can't be able to spend a day to roam around the whole place. At first, we had a pictorial in front of the famous mall.

Me and my youngest

Before we went to the major, major event of the day, we dined in at the Jammin' Jamaica Restaurant there and it was really awesome. I spent only 500 bucks for our food and the kids loved it!

We ordered medium sized pizza and spaghetti.

I've decided to rent a kiddie cart so that my youngest would be able to enjoy the stroll and it's a stress-free because I wouldn't need to carry her all day and I could also put the shopping bags at the back compartment. Renting a kiddie cart will cost you 60 pesos per hour. I wasn't sure how long it would be when we went in so I rented a whole day package for only 180.00.

The kiddie cart was really cool! We chose the pegasus design for my youngest. She really enjoyed sitting in there as my eldest was pushing her. My role was to take a picture and video while minding the way to go or else we would be in trouble with other people lol

Ice Skating is really an exciting activity. My eldest daughter requested me to take her here because she wanted to experience for the first time to skate. Initially, I thought it would only cost about 150 pesos per hour, but I was shocked because it was 390.00 now! I was referring maybe after many years (lmao). But that 390.00 is still affordable because they said it's unlimited which simply means not limited to an hour, and it's based on the store/mall hours. For example: from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm or whole day.

The 390.00 worth includes the helmet and the skating shoes. Every 3 or 4pm, the skating rink will be shaped up or that thing that goes around the icy floor to minimize the super ice and even out the floor.

I would thought of renting an instructor for my Nikki but, I just thought it was a little expensive and she has to learn on her own. Besides, if someone likes to do something, I believe that s/he will do anything if not something. She likes to skate so she has to do something to learn on her own. The instructor cost 150 pesos for 30 minutes and that's it!

At first, my daughter was nervous, ashamed of herself/lack of courage and self esteem. But I told her, if she didn't want to, then we will need to go home. But she said she loves skating and she wanted to learn. She tried really hard to do anything and something to impress me! That's my GIRL! ;)

She is really a friendly person like me, she made friends and asked them to help her what to do to skate without falling down. Of course, that couldn't be avoided because she know nothing about it but she just loves to do and learn. I am happy for her. She enjoyed skating that day. I wanted to join but I couldn't be able to do it with my youngest who was 8 months old then, plus we bought some things and the kiddie cart was my responsibility, too! We just sat down watching her while we were eating. Probably, next time we would be able to do skating with my family.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Irony

Look at the image below. Ironic, isn't it? Life is sometimes like that.

We sometimes wonder why we seek something and yet we couldn't find it... Questions that we couldn't be able to answer. Certain things that we hope not to happen but it does. What an irony!

Ironic it is.. when you hope and pray not to be pregnant again but you are! I wonder why some people couldn't easily get pregnant or infertile when they are really hopeful to have just one... Regardless of age and life style, I just notice that it's just the opposite... or maybe coincidental.

Why are those married people having difficulty to bear a child? And why are those unmarried ones could easily get pregnant? What about those rich couples who are wanting to have babies and those poor couples who have 3-12 children?

Ironic when you think of people who are saying this stuff to you and yet doing the opposite one!

Ironic when you are broken hearted, praying and hoping to find one.. only to find out that you will get hurt again so bad.

What an irony! When you wish it won't happen again but it does and it occurs repeatedly!

Yes, there is irony everywhere and because LIFE itself is ironic, full of mysteries and challenges. That does not mean that we stop fighting for life. We just need to stand up each time we fall and face the reality. Lower down your expectations a bit but do not underestimate yourself. Make realistic expectations/objectives and DO IT!

There's nothing powerful than PRAYERS. But make sure you pray whole heartedly also we should not include prayers that will cause HARM or BAD to other people. If you think you cannot do or control things.. pray harder and leave it all to GOD.

borrowed image from yahoo images :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥

Today is Valentine's day! So I wanna greet you all a very HAPPY HEART's DAY! I actually wrote this poem about LOVE for the only man of my life, last January 7. Just before we go to Philippines (again) I dedicated this to my lover and best friend.. the father of my daughter,Rex. My love for him is immeasurable. Happy 2nd year Anniversary to us!

♥ Love Of My Life ♥

I have never been so much happy like this in my life,
As if everything is beautiful and that I am hopeful.
He gives me strength whenever I am feeling down,
A friend to lean on when trouble comes.

I have never asked him to be my best friend,
But still he proves to be THE ONE.
I couldn't ask for more for he's the only guy, I adore,
A lover and best friend who's always there for me.

I may be imperfect for him,
But I'm willing to change my bad habits
Because I LOVE HIM ♥
With him, life is simply wonderful and happy.

Finally, the story of my love life has just began.
The friendship we built is the relationship we had
We started as friends and before we knew it..
We both fell in love ♥

His character was just like in my dreams before,
Never thought that he's the one
That I've been searchin' for.
He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE ♥

He is my lover and bestfriend.
He tell me everything that I ought to know,
Good or bad, he's just there to listen and to console
Whether it's my fault or not, he's always there to help

He is the music to my heart,
The reason why I am happy every single day
He trusted me with all his heart
And he's doing the best that he can, to prove his LOVE ♥

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