Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Day Trip To Pattaya

I was kinda bored and couldn't think of something else to do than internet browsing. It made me realized that being a homey is sometimes dull, but not when my hubby is around. I've got an email from a friend that she will be going to Pattaya by herself just for a day. I emailed her back if she wanted me to join her because I have never been there, I told her. I was a little curious as to why this place called horrible and polluted. In short, we agreed to meet at the Eastern Bus Terminal which is located at Ekkamai. From my place, I took a cab and it was about an hour to get there. I left at 6:00 am.

My friend told me that it's going to be two hours from the bus station. Just in time, we reached Pattaya almost lunch time. We had pictorials first before we rest a little while.

It is good to travel with company so that you could exchange in taking pictures and also if your company has experiences in traveling there and anywhere, atleast you will be guided.

It is not dangerous to go there as some people would say. Although, there is a bad connotation when people heard that you went to Pattaya. There are places that is safe to go like the zone 1 or the beach side (not safe in late afternoon or night time, maybe). I didn't mind other locals and foreigners as long as they aren't bugging me or any of us. I was with my baby and we just sat down bay watching, chatting and picture taking.

We spent lunch at the beach. The seat cost 50 baht each and that would be for the whole day. It was a great experience and I enjoyed so much.

lunch & afternoon snacks were yummylicious!

my baby was playing with the sand

Me & my baby

chillaxing :)

MC was taking pictures on us

I was changing my baby's dress. The bull cap I was wearing was given to me by MC. Pretty!

I like this picture :)

We went to the Royal Garden Plaza Mall on the third floor, there is Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Behind me was a live mannequin display.

my baby with Elvis Priestly (wax version, lol)

The Museum

My baby was thinking who she was, lol

with Mr. Smith, Brad Pitt

Then, we went to All Seasons Steak Buffet. FYI, you can only find this in Pattaya. The food was great! This was located at the newly built, Central Mall.

dining in

delicious buffet which I could recommend to anyone

steak buffet for only 259 baht, great savings really!

They also have pizza and pasta. I fancied some food that I don't usually eat.

It was so late so we needed to go back to Bangkok. I arrived home at 11:45 pm already. It was indeed a superb adventure.

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