Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mistaken Identity

The other day, I was shocked when one of our Thai neighbors came up to me so angry. Believe it or not, I had no idea at first why she was waving her hand as if she'd wanted me to hurry up for I was waking slowly. I thought, I wasn't the one she was referring to, not until I looked around. I was the only person walking down the alley on my way home from my friend's house, a few blocks away to borrow a USB card reader.

I hurriedly went fast so that I would be able to find out what was her concern. She looked serious and angry. I just thought she would be asking something, but she was so sure (about I had no idea at first). It is due to language barrier that she hardly expressed what she meant. Just to share what was that about, below was our conversation:

Elektra (running fast, puzzled about the situation)
Hi! How can I help you?

Thai Lady: (speaking so angry, as she grabbed my arm so tight)
Ah huh! you! you! you eat noodles shop husband not give sam sip baht! (means 30 baht)

Elektra: Mai chai con Thai ka.. (translation: I am not Thai).

Thai Lady: No! YOU!!! you husband eat noodles NOT MONEY HAVE!!!

Elektra: I am not sure if I'm understanding you right, ma'am. (still calm because I have no clue what was she talking about yet still hahahahaha)

Thai Lady: Yesterday, husband.... ah, you husband...... go noodle shop (pointing to herself so I figured it's her noodle shop) eat my noodles.... money no have... give (with her hand signal means to give her)

Elektra: Do you know my husband? Are you sure?

Thai Lady: Yes. Tell husband pay 30 baht.

Elektra: Okay.. so you mean, my husband ate the noodles in your store/shop and did not pay??? He did not give you the MONEY.. 30 baht? Is that what you're saying? (still couldn't believe because I don't think my husband will eat there ALONE, by himself without telling me or without me)

Thai Lady: YES! 30 baht. Chai ka (translation: you are right). Tell husband and I wait. (she smiled because we finally understand each other)

I went home still confused and a little irritated because if the Thai lady was telling the truth, that would be the very first time, my husband lied to me. I stayed calmly although I was really irritated. I couldn't believe he forgot to pay the 30 baht.

I confronted my husband and he couldn't remember. This was our conversation:

Elektra: Did you eat noodles yesterday or last week at the noodle store on the 1st Street?!

Husband:(deeply thinking) I could hardly remember. Why do you ask?

Elektra: Because there's a Thai lady outside, she's the owner of the noodle shop and she was saying that you didn't pay them 30 baht, yesterday or last week.

Husband: That's funny~ I really couldn't remember if I did it. But just get the money in my wallet.

Elektra: If you didn't do it, why would you pay? We didn't even know if you are the right person she's talking about. She is waiting outside. Could you just show yourself to her and let's see if it's you or not?

Husband: (grabbed his shirt and put it on) Okay..

We went out together and talked to the Thai lady. As we were walking near her she seem ashamed and was smiling as opposed to what she was when she confronted me.

Husband: Where is she?

Elektra: There she is!

Thai Lady: Hello!

Elektra: This is my husband. Is he the one you're talking about?

Husband: Hi! I did not eat in your store yesterday because I was still at work and I went to the gym after wards. I didn't go there to eat the other day or last week because I was with my wife and we ate out for lunch.

Thai Lady: Oh, sorry... not you! I forget the face. Sorry.

Husband: No worries, I know there's a western guy living a few blocks away from ours. Just ask our neighbors nearby our house.

Elektra: Okay, so we are settled.

Thai Lady: sorry, okay.. bye!

Husband & Elektra: bye!

That was really FUNNY! Sometimes, we could easily judge others so quickly yet we failed to validate things and the person involved before we arrive to a conclusion. I am guilty, at times, I admit. But admitting that you are wrong and feel sorry about it is an act of "courage" and "humility". Some people find it difficult to say sorry and mean it.

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