Monday, January 10, 2011

♥Letter From My Future Mom♥

Last night, while I was doing my blog, my husband asked me if I wanna speak with her mom, (my soon~to~be~mother~in~law) because he was going to call her. I quickly said, "Oh, yeah~ sure!".

Yesterday, my "hubby" got her letter for me from our mailbox. I was so delighted to receive and read a letter from her mom and I didn't know she was feeling the same way I do.

Here's what she wrote:

December 27, 2010

Dear Elektra,

It was so nice to hear from you, personally. I had thought about writing you, but so pleased to hear from you first. It was the nicest gift we received. I want so much to have a relationship with you and get to know and love you as we do, Rex. As you know, he is a shy person but you and Sofia have brought great joy and extreme happiness to us. We have a great desire to meet you and Sofia. So disappointed you can't come home, hope another time you can. Hurts so bad to have you and a grand daughter so far away, but as you say we can write and talk on the phone. Rex seem so happy and that is all you can wish for your grown children. The family also wants to meet you and Sofia. You would like Rex's sisters and brothers, I think.

We have been very busy, moving out of our vacation home into a new home here in Tennessee. Seems so good to be home again. Florida is very nice and the weather is wonderful, but it was so far from the family and as we are getting older and my health, we decided we better do it. We have a nice big yard with a gym set for the "grands" to play on again. Sofia will enjoy that I hope, when she gets here. We live on a high hill and there is a house ranch beside us for her to enjoy the horses grazing and cows also. Since you say, she likes to be out. I think it is a nice play for that. We have snow now, she would like to play in the snow except it is very cold and windy.

We hope you had a nice Christmas! We did as always, family is all well and thankful for that! One of our girls gave us a "laptop computer" for Christmas. When Rex comes, he can talk to you on it and always see you and you can meet us on it, and see you. We don't know how to use it yet, it may be March before we learn (ha, ha) Rex may have to teach us when he gets here!

Better go for this time and get some work done.

We love you,

Dad & Mom

That was so sweet of her ♥. I was running out of words to say... so speechless for their love and support to us. They are so full of love. I am so much proud that I have known them that I have loved their son.

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