Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back To Where I Belong (Part 2): A Christmas Gift

After four months, my eight-month baby and I will be home once again. Last November 22. 2010, my "husband" ( gave me a special present last Christmas... it's a round trip ticket to Philippines! woohooo! With so much gladness, I kissed him on his forehead and said "thank you!".

He said that he would probably visit Philippines in October with us. Too early to celebrate but I know he has such a wonderful plan for us and he never fail to surprise me in so many ways.

Three birthdays that we will be celebrating. I am getting excited. I told my siblings not to tell our mom that I'll be home on her birthday. It's actually a post birthday celebration for her on the 12th. Just a simple, small gathering exclusively with family and best friends.

Before I forget, I'll list down below what I need to prepare so I wouldn't act stupid in front of the Immigration Officer's desk (grin).

♥ Our round trip ticket
♥ my old and new passport (I renewed my passport here in Bangkok at the Philippine Embassy and they might request me to present my old one, too)
♥ photocopy of our passports (my baby,husband and mine}
♥ Utility Bills (with my husband's name on it)
♥ Photocopy of my husband's new work permit (I'll bring the original old one)
♥ My soon~to~be~mother~in~law's letter addressed to me (proof of my residence)
♥ House Lease Agreement Original copy along with the original receipt
♥ Birth certificate of my baby (in English and in Thai) & Baptismal Certificate
♥ Original copy of her birth certificate from US Embassy
♥ Original and Photocopy of report of birth from Philippine Embassy
♥ Letter of invitation which was mailed last August 2010 from my hubby
♥ Our Thai Health insurance card

I'm planning to go to the Thai embassy in the Philippines to ask about what applicable visa I should apply next time. Maybe, they would only suggest an ED Visa. I'm working on it this year and we've been discussing it since 2009.

Likewise, I will secure a copy of the original SECPA version of my baby's birth certificate in NSO (sigh), the Philippine embassy said that the SECPA copy is at the National Statistic Office and that will be on us (our responsibility to get it there). Hmmm.. charge to experience :)

All my bags are packed and we are ready to go! :)


mariawritesvanity said...

hi sis, can you email me, my name is bea and I want to ask you something :)

Elektra said...

hi maria! thanks for dropping by my site. I have PM you already. Regards! :)

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