Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back To Where I Belong (Part 2): A Christmas Gift

After four months, my eight-month baby and I will be home once again. Last November 22. 2010, my "husband" ( gave me a special present last Christmas... it's a round trip ticket to Philippines! woohooo! With so much gladness, I kissed him on his forehead and said "thank you!".

He said that he would probably visit Philippines in October with us. Too early to celebrate but I know he has such a wonderful plan for us and he never fail to surprise me in so many ways.

Three birthdays that we will be celebrating. I am getting excited. I told my siblings not to tell our mom that I'll be home on her birthday. It's actually a post birthday celebration for her on the 12th. Just a simple, small gathering exclusively with family and best friends.

Before I forget, I'll list down below what I need to prepare so I wouldn't act stupid in front of the Immigration Officer's desk (grin).

♥ Our round trip ticket
♥ my old and new passport (I renewed my passport here in Bangkok at the Philippine Embassy and they might request me to present my old one, too)
♥ photocopy of our passports (my baby,husband and mine}
♥ Utility Bills (with my husband's name on it)
♥ Photocopy of my husband's new work permit (I'll bring the original old one)
♥ My soon~to~be~mother~in~law's letter addressed to me (proof of my residence)
♥ House Lease Agreement Original copy along with the original receipt
♥ Birth certificate of my baby (in English and in Thai) & Baptismal Certificate
♥ Original copy of her birth certificate from US Embassy
♥ Original and Photocopy of report of birth from Philippine Embassy
♥ Letter of invitation which was mailed last August 2010 from my hubby
♥ Our Thai Health insurance card

I'm planning to go to the Thai embassy in the Philippines to ask about what applicable visa I should apply next time. Maybe, they would only suggest an ED Visa. I'm working on it this year and we've been discussing it since 2009.

Likewise, I will secure a copy of the original SECPA version of my baby's birth certificate in NSO (sigh), the Philippine embassy said that the SECPA copy is at the National Statistic Office and that will be on us (our responsibility to get it there). Hmmm.. charge to experience :)

All my bags are packed and we are ready to go! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Day Trip To Pattaya

I was kinda bored and couldn't think of something else to do than internet browsing. It made me realized that being a homey is sometimes dull, but not when my hubby is around. I've got an email from a friend that she will be going to Pattaya by herself just for a day. I emailed her back if she wanted me to join her because I have never been there, I told her. I was a little curious as to why this place called horrible and polluted. In short, we agreed to meet at the Eastern Bus Terminal which is located at Ekkamai. From my place, I took a cab and it was about an hour to get there. I left at 6:00 am.

My friend told me that it's going to be two hours from the bus station. Just in time, we reached Pattaya almost lunch time. We had pictorials first before we rest a little while.

It is good to travel with company so that you could exchange in taking pictures and also if your company has experiences in traveling there and anywhere, atleast you will be guided.

It is not dangerous to go there as some people would say. Although, there is a bad connotation when people heard that you went to Pattaya. There are places that is safe to go like the zone 1 or the beach side (not safe in late afternoon or night time, maybe). I didn't mind other locals and foreigners as long as they aren't bugging me or any of us. I was with my baby and we just sat down bay watching, chatting and picture taking.

We spent lunch at the beach. The seat cost 50 baht each and that would be for the whole day. It was a great experience and I enjoyed so much.

lunch & afternoon snacks were yummylicious!

my baby was playing with the sand

Me & my baby

chillaxing :)

MC was taking pictures on us

I was changing my baby's dress. The bull cap I was wearing was given to me by MC. Pretty!

I like this picture :)

We went to the Royal Garden Plaza Mall on the third floor, there is Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Behind me was a live mannequin display.

my baby with Elvis Priestly (wax version, lol)

The Museum

My baby was thinking who she was, lol

with Mr. Smith, Brad Pitt

Then, we went to All Seasons Steak Buffet. FYI, you can only find this in Pattaya. The food was great! This was located at the newly built, Central Mall.

dining in

delicious buffet which I could recommend to anyone

steak buffet for only 259 baht, great savings really!

They also have pizza and pasta. I fancied some food that I don't usually eat.

It was so late so we needed to go back to Bangkok. I arrived home at 11:45 pm already. It was indeed a superb adventure.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watch Hundreds of Channels In Your Browser

Do you wanna watch movies?

~ no enough money?
~ no time to go outside?
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Now... you can! You don't need to download movies online, buy or borrow DVDs, and watch in the big screen. This is the best site that you can count on when it comes to this!

just copy and paste the link below:

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We are using this for years now! It is proven virus free and safe. All you have to do is step 1: download the veetle browser. It won't take you an hour to do so.. Step 2: click the veetle browser and presto! you have access to watch movies and other channels in your favorite browser.

We've watched these movies below just the other day and they were fantastic. Some movies aren't on the big screen yet.

♥ Stone

♥ The Tourist

♥ Little Fockers

♥ Tron

Save your time and money. Watch through

borrowed image from

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 (1♥11♥11)

Today is January 11, 2011 or 1-1-11 WOW! What is so special about this date? is it because the number is all #1? Nope! Today is my mom's birthday! Her special day. I will have a birthday treat for her when I come tomorrow. Tonight is my flight to Philippines with my baby.

I admire her because she is so strong inside and out. She is a great mother to me and the best employee, I have known! She is my mom. I love her so much and can say anything to her. She is my great mentor and best friend.

I remember when I took care of her when she got sick. She had a knee operation last July, 2010. She showed me that she could bear the pain because she wants to live longer. After four months, she could be able to walk and I am so much thankful to God. HE hears our prayers even sometimes we don't know how to say it, or we can't think of a better word to say what we need to pray. Another year has passed and a new life begins, new hope.

When I was a kid, I meant to draw this as a symbol of my mom.


Monday, January 10, 2011

♥Letter From My Future Mom♥

Last night, while I was doing my blog, my husband asked me if I wanna speak with her mom, (my soon~to~be~mother~in~law) because he was going to call her. I quickly said, "Oh, yeah~ sure!".

Yesterday, my "hubby" got her letter for me from our mailbox. I was so delighted to receive and read a letter from her mom and I didn't know she was feeling the same way I do.

Here's what she wrote:

December 27, 2010

Dear Elektra,

It was so nice to hear from you, personally. I had thought about writing you, but so pleased to hear from you first. It was the nicest gift we received. I want so much to have a relationship with you and get to know and love you as we do, Rex. As you know, he is a shy person but you and Sofia have brought great joy and extreme happiness to us. We have a great desire to meet you and Sofia. So disappointed you can't come home, hope another time you can. Hurts so bad to have you and a grand daughter so far away, but as you say we can write and talk on the phone. Rex seem so happy and that is all you can wish for your grown children. The family also wants to meet you and Sofia. You would like Rex's sisters and brothers, I think.

We have been very busy, moving out of our vacation home into a new home here in Tennessee. Seems so good to be home again. Florida is very nice and the weather is wonderful, but it was so far from the family and as we are getting older and my health, we decided we better do it. We have a nice big yard with a gym set for the "grands" to play on again. Sofia will enjoy that I hope, when she gets here. We live on a high hill and there is a house ranch beside us for her to enjoy the horses grazing and cows also. Since you say, she likes to be out. I think it is a nice play for that. We have snow now, she would like to play in the snow except it is very cold and windy.

We hope you had a nice Christmas! We did as always, family is all well and thankful for that! One of our girls gave us a "laptop computer" for Christmas. When Rex comes, he can talk to you on it and always see you and you can meet us on it, and see you. We don't know how to use it yet, it may be March before we learn (ha, ha) Rex may have to teach us when he gets here!

Better go for this time and get some work done.

We love you,

Dad & Mom

That was so sweet of her ♥. I was running out of words to say... so speechless for their love and support to us. They are so full of love. I am so much proud that I have known them that I have loved their son.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mistaken Identity

The other day, I was shocked when one of our Thai neighbors came up to me so angry. Believe it or not, I had no idea at first why she was waving her hand as if she'd wanted me to hurry up for I was waking slowly. I thought, I wasn't the one she was referring to, not until I looked around. I was the only person walking down the alley on my way home from my friend's house, a few blocks away to borrow a USB card reader.

I hurriedly went fast so that I would be able to find out what was her concern. She looked serious and angry. I just thought she would be asking something, but she was so sure (about I had no idea at first). It is due to language barrier that she hardly expressed what she meant. Just to share what was that about, below was our conversation:

Elektra (running fast, puzzled about the situation)
Hi! How can I help you?

Thai Lady: (speaking so angry, as she grabbed my arm so tight)
Ah huh! you! you! you eat noodles shop husband not give sam sip baht! (means 30 baht)

Elektra: Mai chai con Thai ka.. (translation: I am not Thai).

Thai Lady: No! YOU!!! you husband eat noodles NOT MONEY HAVE!!!

Elektra: I am not sure if I'm understanding you right, ma'am. (still calm because I have no clue what was she talking about yet still hahahahaha)

Thai Lady: Yesterday, husband.... ah, you husband...... go noodle shop (pointing to herself so I figured it's her noodle shop) eat my noodles.... money no have... give (with her hand signal means to give her)

Elektra: Do you know my husband? Are you sure?

Thai Lady: Yes. Tell husband pay 30 baht.

Elektra: Okay.. so you mean, my husband ate the noodles in your store/shop and did not pay??? He did not give you the MONEY.. 30 baht? Is that what you're saying? (still couldn't believe because I don't think my husband will eat there ALONE, by himself without telling me or without me)

Thai Lady: YES! 30 baht. Chai ka (translation: you are right). Tell husband and I wait. (she smiled because we finally understand each other)

I went home still confused and a little irritated because if the Thai lady was telling the truth, that would be the very first time, my husband lied to me. I stayed calmly although I was really irritated. I couldn't believe he forgot to pay the 30 baht.

I confronted my husband and he couldn't remember. This was our conversation:

Elektra: Did you eat noodles yesterday or last week at the noodle store on the 1st Street?!

Husband:(deeply thinking) I could hardly remember. Why do you ask?

Elektra: Because there's a Thai lady outside, she's the owner of the noodle shop and she was saying that you didn't pay them 30 baht, yesterday or last week.

Husband: That's funny~ I really couldn't remember if I did it. But just get the money in my wallet.

Elektra: If you didn't do it, why would you pay? We didn't even know if you are the right person she's talking about. She is waiting outside. Could you just show yourself to her and let's see if it's you or not?

Husband: (grabbed his shirt and put it on) Okay..

We went out together and talked to the Thai lady. As we were walking near her she seem ashamed and was smiling as opposed to what she was when she confronted me.

Husband: Where is she?

Elektra: There she is!

Thai Lady: Hello!

Elektra: This is my husband. Is he the one you're talking about?

Husband: Hi! I did not eat in your store yesterday because I was still at work and I went to the gym after wards. I didn't go there to eat the other day or last week because I was with my wife and we ate out for lunch.

Thai Lady: Oh, sorry... not you! I forget the face. Sorry.

Husband: No worries, I know there's a western guy living a few blocks away from ours. Just ask our neighbors nearby our house.

Elektra: Okay, so we are settled.

Thai Lady: sorry, okay.. bye!

Husband & Elektra: bye!

That was really FUNNY! Sometimes, we could easily judge others so quickly yet we failed to validate things and the person involved before we arrive to a conclusion. I am guilty, at times, I admit. But admitting that you are wrong and feel sorry about it is an act of "courage" and "humility". Some people find it difficult to say sorry and mean it.
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