Friday, December 17, 2010

Top 10 Most Interesting Things To Blog About

My friends were asking me as to why I couldn't stop blogging and seems that I am not running out of subjects/ideas to write about. Seriously, I might been busy at times, but, if I have plenty of time I will write everyday like three times a day.

Sometimes, there are so many ideas that crossed my mind when I am out of the house or busy doing stuff and when I am ready to write I forgot what I had decided to write about. In case like this, when my mind is busy processing and ideas are running endlessly, I stopped for awhile and list down what I wanted subjects or ideas I am going to write. But, if I cannot postpone my task/s.. I have no choice but to hardly recall what I had in mind hehehe too difficult for me because I am forgetful.

Here are the list of subjects that are interesting to blog about:

1. Life in General/Experiences
2. Work Related/Jobs/Career/Business
3. Travel/Trips/Journey to Where?
4. Pregnancy Diary/Parenting
5. Hobby/Talent/Skills
6. Food Tripping/Recipe
7. Social Networking Site like FB/Phography/Pictures
8. Politics/Satire/Cuurent Events/Issues
9. Love Story/Relationship/Emotions
10. Spiritual/Philosophy/Inspirational

These are huge subjects, you can chop and narrow down into micro level or specific ones. That way, you could be able to blog everyday with so much ideas.

However, blogging is not about JUST writing things for the sake of "blogging", it requires knowledge/wisdom, experience, interests and appropriate skills on subject matter. How could you even write or blog, if you don't know what you're going to write (lack of knowledge/awareness, skills,interests, experiences, etc.)? You may end up blogging non-sense and most likely, people won't be interested to read your blogs. Catching people's attention and increasing the traffic on your website are also factors that you need to consider if your objective is either personal or business (or both).

"Start writing, no matter about what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. You can sit and look at a page for a long time and nothing will happen. Start writing and it will." -- Louis L'Amour

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JoannM said...

I Love your blogs im kinda new at this and dont really know what to blog about but after reading your i think i have an idea... THANKSSS!! :)

Elektra said...

Hi, Joann!!! Welcome to my JTH site and many thanks for reading my blogs! :D

There are actually millions or billions of topic that is really, really interesting to blog about.

Congratulations on your first blog! If you have any questions about blogging please feel free to email or PM me.

Take care! :)

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