Saturday, December 18, 2010

TGIF Dinner Date With My Family

Yesterday at five o'clock in the afternoon, my sweetheart came home from work. I was asking him if he was getting hungry or already starving. He said that he was craving for a salad bar at Sizzler's so he invited me to go out for our dinner.

Of course, I wouldn't turn down his offer and I mean NEVER when it comes to food, I believe he KNOWS that. I won't turn down his offer for food though I am angry on him, too. There are times that he would use this to make peace offering to me hahaha. We both love FOOD and we like to EAT and so we are compatible (yay!lols).

And so.. we went out for a dinner at Sizzler's in Fashion Islands, located at Ram Inthra road. We were thinking about having our dinner date at The Mall Bangkapi, but we both know that the parking area there is really terrible.

No, I didn't take pictures of our dinner date last night because I didn't want to ruin the moment together. I know that he hates picture taking, specially in a restaurant and the food that we're eating. He just said that the food is just ordinary and the people will be laughing on us if I did so. As if, it's my first time to eat there (we're at Sizzler's once or twice a month) or that we just could afford to eat Sizzler's that is why I am taking photos. I understand his sentiments, he has different culture and perception. He may be right, too.

We took turns on carrying our baby as we get the food in salad bar. We ordered the cheapest but delicious set which was the fish and chips (crumbled fish fillet & french fries), it was only 169 Thai baht. I had refillable lemon iced tea for a drink which cost 65 Thai baht. The salad bar buffet is free when you order any menu set.

I just grabbed this at google images seach engine (

The image above was my dinner, but I preferred the french fries (a choice of mashed baked or fried potato). I did enjoy our date, it was simple but sweet. We went home at past nine in the evening.I went to bed at eleven.

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