Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 In Review

♫♪♫ And now... the end is near and so I face ~ la,la,la ♫♪♫

Few more hours to go and it'll be 2011! woohooooo! Let's cheers to that! I had a bunch of blessings this year and I would still say that I am so lucky and blessed. As I try to look back I was thinking on the good karma or the blessings that I had this year. Forget about the bad, sad, frustrating things happened for I couldn't do anything about them now because they are PAST. And I have decided to always, always MOVE ON, FORWARD. I just wanted to recall the good memories & blessings in 2010. Time is running so fast indeed to be wasted on  some "non-sense"  things, so here we go...

First Quarter (January-March)

★ These months we were busy preparing for Sofia's birth.
★ I got a part time job on English translation from the same company who offered me to teach in Primary School and do the ESL tutoring last year.
★ Met new friends and spent time hangingout with them during my boring days
★ My husband decided to buy a brand new car for us so we could take our baby to anywhere safely, he also bought the car seat for her.
★ I realized this early year that I could really count on him, he is such a wonderful, responsible father and husband. The good thing is he proved and still proving them all right (despite of my shortcomings).
★ I got roses from my loved one and my best buddy on Valentine's day.
★ He proposed to marry me on February, he didn't give a ring as a symbol of our engagement, but the pure LOVE and COMMITMENT for each other are enough to bond us. The wedding date is still unknown but we are working on it very soon.

Second Quarter (April-June)

★ Our Sofia was born. She is the reason why we love each other even MORE. She is a bunch of JOY to us.
★ With the help of our Thai friends, we were able to register her birth record to the municipal office.
★ I had another part time job which was proof reading from another company that I emailed.
★ Sofia got her birth certificates (English & Thai) and was able to submit to the Philippine Embassy, her first Philippine passport was issued.
★ We had to move to a bigger home because our humble home before was not good enough for us as we bought so much stuff for our baby, new furniture, appliances and other stuff.

Third Quarter (July- September)

★ Baptism of Sofia. I thank the Lord for our precious baby, a wonderful gift for us and my family.
★ I got a new mobile phone for my birthday from my loved one.
★ Sofia and I went to Philippines to meet her elder sister, Nikki and grandmother. It's her first travel on plane, she was only 3 months, then.
★ I received a birthday greeting and a gift cheque from my soon-to-be-mother-in-law, so surprised because she wrote that she's excited to meet me and Sofia in person.  
★ I had to take care of my mom who had a knee operation last July. When it's time for my flight to Bangkok, she was so grateful of me. The one thing that struck me was she was sorry if she had done something wrong to me. I just said whatever it is/they are, I had already forgiven her and always forgiving her because I love her so much. Of course, I asked for her forgiveness, too. I love my mom so much and  I miss her everyday.  
★ My Sweetheart had a successful operation and he was able to recover too soon (thank God).
★ I was offered a voice over job here in Bangkok. The company was still looking for two more talents and I recommended my husband because they're looking for an American accent (and he's a native speaker). Likewise, I recommended a friend of mine, whom I believe, could perform the job well. I have many friends here but I chose the one who had an experience on voice over and of course, the American accent which was very important because I didn't want to be embarrassed. My hubby and I had a great time working together for the first time and I must say, the pay was good.
★ First US e-passport, security number and live birth certificate were issued to Sofia.

Fourth Quarter (October-December)

★ I booked their (hubby and our baby) air ticket to US next year.I wish to go with them, but my visa requirements are incomplete. Better luck, next time.
★ We spent our first out-of-town family vacation at Rayong beach, Thailand. It was such an awesome family bonding. 
★ I found out that my mom already went back to work after her three months long, sick leave vacation (with pay). I was happy to hear her voice again on the phone. Thank God, everything is okay.
★ Part time job
★ My sweetheart surprised me with his early Christmas gift... it's a round trip ticket to the Philippines! (wow! thank you, Lord again)
★ He also bought a Sony Cybershots digital camera for my eldest daughter and he gave money to buy chocolates and other things that my daughter needs in the Philippines. I never tried to ask him to do it for me, but he is really kindhearted person. He knows my needs and ME pretty well.
★ I had my dental operation (root canal) this year, will have it fixed for crown & pin next year during my travel to Philippines because too much expensive to do it here (whew!)  
★ Since Sofia was born, his mom sends a package for her in exchange of the photos that we sends to them every month. And before the year ends, his mom sent two kinds of fairy costumes for Sofia. They are great! My hubby's sister also sent a package on December 29th, but we had not time to get it and the Post Office was also closed, we've heard so we didn't claim it yet.
★ I had decided to sell my almost two years Acer laptop for fifteen thousand baht. A friend of mine expressed her interest to buy it in three installment payments so that she could be able to afford.
★ Finally, I bought a brand new HP mini, an external hard drive, an external CD/DVD drive and a cooling pad.
★ Our first Christmas party was when we attended's December meet up and Christmas party. After that, we attended three more Christmas parties around our neighborhood.
★ My hubby took us to his work place for the first time to celebrate a small Christmas program, where he played Santa Claus, for his pupils.
★ I had completed the nine days Misa de Gallo aka. simbang gabi (nine dawn masses), woohoooo! it's my very first time to accomplish this in my whole life and the first time since I lived here in Bangkok.

I am so much thankful for 2010... for good health, loving family, financial blessings and home-based jobs, and many good friends. May this coming year will bring us more blessings, success and prosperity. God bless us all! Happy New Year! :)

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