Thursday, December 23, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 8)

One foggy dawn, I woke up with a smile because one more sleep to go and it will be Christmas day! I had made it to the eight day woohoo! I am looking forward for tomorrow's 9th day.

I was surprised because my friends were all present, they live on the first street. Their five month baby, Sean was also there in his stroller, sleeping. They all finally came to church. They said that the Christmas party will be on the 25th at 7pm. It will be a family gathering plus me. 

I was still really tired from yesterday's shopping, but this won't prevent me not to attend. My back, head, shoulders, legs and feet were aching. Our baby is getting heavy and heavier each month. This early morning, she was asleep during the mass, probably she was also tired. 

When the mass was ended, Father Travis announced that there will be a holy mass on Christmas day at 6pm. This will be the first time of my life to complete the nine days Misa de Gallo. I have pictures but still so lazy to upload, maybe later today or tomorrow.I needed to edit some photos because when it was taken, it was blurry and some are dark, I needed to lighten them up a bit. 

 After the mass, our socialization begun. Picture taking, once again... The pianist approached me and was asking about my daughter. She said that she is a teacher at Ruamrudee International School just beside the Church. I asked her if she knows someone named "H" whom I met from siampinoy, she responded that that person is her daughter! oh, what a small world! She invited me to her house this morning and so went to see where she lives. I stayed very shortly. For I have to go back home for my husband will be leaving to work and I needed to kiss him goodbye. I went back to sleep after wards and I woke up past 11 am.

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