Thursday, December 23, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 7)

I had no chance to blog about my seventh day because it was a long day, yesterday. It was difficult to recall the salient details or special things that happened, specially when you had so many activities yesterday and today.

I just remembered that when I woke up, it was still early, earlier than usual. Before I left home, I ate something because I was getting hungry.When I was in the church, I stopped by the entrance and took a shot of the surroundings, it was a silent dawn.

It was so nice to be there early because I had time for my personal prayers and for pictorial. My daughter was fascinated by the chasing Christmas lights and the trees. A few minutes more, people were coming from different directions. Our priest came out and gave a sign to start the holy mass.

The two nuns from the Philippines were there to attend the mass with us, they were here in Bangkok for a vacation. They are "sisters in Christ" and are literally sisters. Our pianist told them to help reading the scripture and leading the Choir during the ceremony.

I just noticed that the pianist was not the same person on the first day. We had a Choir group but since this pianist has started, the choir group has gone. There were less people attended this time. One of us offered to play a guitar and play the piano if she isn't familiar with the song/s. The thirty-minute-mass had ended harmoniously.

I was so excited to come home to meet my husband because I had planned to go out and buy something. 


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