Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 6)

I woke up a little weird today, probably because I was stressed out. Our baby acted restlessly as she was sleeping and crying all night and early morning. I thought I was only dreaming when I heard my mobile phone's alarm. I got up and quickly went to our living room. I was shocked because when I looked at the clock, it was already 5:30 am. It thought it was only mocking me or maybe my hubby adjusted our clock. But, it can't be wrong either because our clock is attached to the satellite TV. I've checked and the time was RIGHT (oh goodness!) so I was late AGAIN. So maybe the time on my phone was incorrect? I was hurriedly dressed up and so my baby. I was running this early morning. The last time I checked before I left was already 5:40am.

When I was there, they were singing, "Silent Night". We usually sing that song almost at the end of the holy mass. So I felt so sorry. I thought, it was finished. So shy, so I stayed 5 minutes outside. But then, I heard the communion thingy, Oh! I said I wasn't very late but just LATE. It was so weird because when I left, the clock said 5:40 am but the sky was still dark. What went wrong? Was I hallucinating?

Or I was still sleeping. My body was awake but my mind was sleeping. I felt so sorry. It's really difficult to have a baby. I got this weird feeling because I haven't got a good night sleep. It has always been interrupted and incomplete.    

I thought I was going to miss my sixth day of my nine mornings novena. Still lucky somehow because I did.. somehow. I wish to finish my nine days and I still have 3 early mornings more! Aja,! Aja! (Korean word for fighting!) Fighting for my laziness to wake up early. 

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