Saturday, December 18, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 3)

Third day of my "nine mornings", I was awaken at 5:00 in the morning. Yeah, five o'clock and the mass will be at 5:30. I was afraid to be late again, so I hurriedly went to the toilet to wash my face and brush my teeth. I checked on my baby and she pooped her diaper. I changed her quickly and I hurriedly dressed up without taking a bath (ewww!). I was almost running to church. I was a little late again, but not so bad.

When I was sitting there, at the back row seat, I heard a guy (or gay?) who was talking to his seatmate (woman). He was saying something in "bisaya" (dialect in the Philippines) and I understood what he said. Heard him saying, "I couldn't be able to attend a holy mass without taking a bath". I looked at him and he was smiling at me (pretending that he did not say something bad). I was so surprised that he is my neighbor. I smiled back and focused myself on the mass. I looked around and I found out that I was the only person who did not take a bath (yikes hahaha).

I just thought, why this kind of people would even think that way going to Church. Well, I just don't care about what he thinks of me because first of all, I was there to attend a mass and not to criticize people about how they look or if they take a bath. I consider it too petty, so shallow to think about. If I take a shower before going to church at that time, obviously.. I will miss my day 3 of my novena. But because I love to complete the nine days, I went on.

On the hand, It's my fault, I woke up late. Instead of getting angry or annoyed by his unpleasing comment on me, I just take it positively. At some point, he is right. Why would I go to church without taking a shower? I know that I should look more presentable in the eyes of God by taking a bath, by dressing up neatly and properly. We have to treat God as if we are on a DATE. It's like we are dating a very, very, very important person... THE LORD.

I feel partly guilty by that. If I don't like being criticize by my neighbor, I should have not gone to church without taking a shower and I should have not woke up late so I was able to take a shower and I should have not sleep late so I woke up early... Regrets? NO! I don't have to take it as regret, but it will be a MAJOR LESSON to me.

Come to think more about it, what's even worst is that our outward appearance is ready, but not our soul, mind and heart. When we go to church we have to focus on our purpose why we are attending the holy mass. This is another subject to blog about and I will write about this next time.

Deep in our hearts, we know how sincere we are when we pray. We may be deceiving ourselves but not God. He knows well our faith, he knows well our mind, our sins, our prayers and EVERYTHING about us.

A friend of mine quoted, "Our religion is what we do when the sermon/mass is over". Moreover, we define our faith and religion by what we think, say, do. That is before, during and after our prayers.

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