Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part TWO)

We went home straight from my husband's work place. I was a little sleepy because these past few days I was up early to attend the misa de gallo (or the dawn masses in Catholic faith). Although, half of me was getting so excited for the Christmas parties on that eve. I got two (2) invitations from my Filipino neighbors and lucky enough to join their families on Christmas eve.

I was thinking what to prepare for that special dinner called noche buena or Christmas dinner. They didn't told us to bring any, it was okay but I figured that it would be polite to share some food, too. I opened our fridge and looked what to bring. I was lazy to cook so I called them if it's okay to just bring raw food like the ground beef, chicken breasts and pork chop like 1/4 or 1/2 kilo of its kind. I told them that we didn't have any spices and other ingredients and luckily they said it's just fine. So I went to their house at 1pm to give the three kinds of meat. As much as I would want to help them in cooking, I thought that it won't do any good because I have a baby to take care of, plus they were six people in their house to do it more willingly than me. I mean, they understood my situation.

When my hubby came from work, he said he was going to prepare something for them. He made some refrigerated chocolate peanut butter oat cookies to share with the two neighbors. I appreciated my husband's effort and they were really delicious!

At exactly 6:45pm, my phone rang.. It was our old lady neighbor. She's already widowed. She invited us to come for a dinner with her. I thought she was alone, but when were at the gate and buzzing the door bell,a guy opened. We were both surprised. I said it was a wrong house, but when I looked back again, I saw her by the door. Oh, it was her! I just said. She told us to come in and she introduced us to her brother-in-law. She cooked spaghetti, steamed shrimp & crab, beef stew and had fruit salad. She took us pictures as we were eating and she held our daughter so we could eat comfortably. She didn't eat with us because she said she will be waiting for her sister who was on her way.

She asked few things about living in the US and the most striking question that she asked to my husband was.. "Are you planning to marry a Filipina?" I was holding my breath because I didn't want to be embarrassed about his negative answer. However, he answered with enthusiasm, "Well, I have one in mind!", he was smiling and staring at me. Awww.. he is sweet! :)

After that small talk, we said goodbye and she said that she was happy to have us as her guests and so did we. She's a fine lady, remarkable indeed. We thanked her for the invitation. Then, we moved on to our other neighbor's house.

(to be continued...)

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