Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part THREE)

Then, we went to our other neighbor who also invited us for Christmas dinner with them. Apparently, they are living in the same street and just few blocks away from the neighbor we first visited.

We enjoyed the small chat from the 1st neighbor but we really had a gooood time spending Christmas eve with our 2nd neighbor. We felt the welcoming heart and genuine friendship maybe because we are almost of the same ages. No offense meant but they are really both generous.

My hubby had a good time, too. The good thing about that occasion was that we didn't have to wear "mask" or the thing we called conscious about what people might think.. as if we are members of the family, the sense of "belongingness". When you are living abroad, you might feel like you are an outcast. That night we were happy because we were expressing ourselves freely as what we truly are, not afraid that people might criticize us because they are open-minded. Again, it was good to celebrate Christmas with them. They are inviting us for new year's eve, once again.

This picture was taken when they asked everyone to open the exchanged gifts we had for pictorial. I got... a shirt with pink stripes! I brought a cooling pad for my exchange gift that night

with Cathy, a very good friend of mine and she is the owner of the house ;)

The fathers' jamming session. They had fun, fun, FUN! The other guy is Cathy's husband.

Picture, picture! say... CHEESE! :)

"The Committed Fathers", Cathy said. "Dancing fathers", I said. :)

I love this family picture, very simple and homey. Three of us smiled for this photo shoot. I loveeee it! Our first Christmas together as family.

Christmas is not just all about exchanging gifts. The celebration is about the birth of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. And with this, we gather and spend this important event with our FAMILY and close friends. I may not have the most expensive gifts in the world, but I am happy because I have a very precious family. Two years more and my eldest will be living with us. 

Thank you, dear LORD for the blessings that I had for the past years, this year and for the coming years ahead.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

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