Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Food Cravings

I have been missing Philippines even more this month. I know that celebrating Christmas and New Year seasons are more extravagant and exciting in the Philippines, indeed there's no place like HOME!

Each time, I go to attend nine-day dawn masses here in Bangkok, I couldn't stop thinking about the food, Christmas carols and the glittering lights everywhere in the Philippines.

I am missing these foods which we usually have on Christmas or New Year's day.

Yummy Bibingka (rice cake)

This is how they cook bibingka

Puto and Kutsinta (rice cake)

Puto Bumbong (another rice cake)


Pancit (stir fry noodles)

Queso de bola (literaly means cheese ball)

Fruit salad

We have many variations of salad in the Philippines that I do really missed.

Fruit salad
Macaroni-fruit cocktail salad
Potato salad
Buko salad (young coconut)
Buko Pandan salad (young coconut and pandan flavored jelly)
Chicken-macaroni salad

Below is the sample image of our Christmas foods in the Philippines. More extravagant celebration in the country side than in the City (Manila).

The Traditional Christmas Eve Feast

Now... I am getting hungry :p I'll post again next time, breakfast is approaching :)


Jojie said...

Hello po;-) tnxs po sa pagpost about the Filipino restaurant in Bangkok( kumpleto)... My friend and I are going to try it this weekend;-) ask ko kng po if yung store inside the restaurant sells macapuno sa jar? Or if you don't mind po, do you know any place where they sell macapuno?

Elektra said...

hi Jojie! First of all, many thanks for reading my blog and welcome to my JTH site :D...

I have already responded to your email. I have no idea if they are selling macapuno at kumpleto store.

I have no idea on where to buy those stuff, but try to visit, they would probably have answer/s on your concern.

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