Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part ONE)

December 24th at six o'clock in the morning, my baby daughter and I went to my hubby's work to attend a small program about Christmas. Since, this is a Buddhist country, I wouldn't expect an extravagant activity this Christmas season as compare how it is done in the Philippines. But somehow I got so excited to know that my hubby will be playing the role of Santa Claus on their small program. According to him, last year it was a whole day affair, but the management suggested to have it for the first and second periods which mean it won't last longer than two and a half to three hours.

When we were there, I noticed that the school is huge and pretty decent enough as compare to his previous work place. The students, local and foreign faculty teachers and the officers of the school were looking at us. My husband introduced us to them. I was overwhelmed by his gestures, a feeling that he is so proud to have his own FAMILY. They were smiling at us and they were happy to see our baby girl. This was the first time I was introduced in his work place in our relationship and the first time ever in my life. I have never been so proud like this and have never been felt and treated that someone I love is so much proud to introduce me to everyone. If only I could go with them in the US for a vacation to meet his family.. If only life itself is simple... but it's not. Life itself is complicated to deal with, so much pressures and challenges ahead. All we have to do is HOPE and PRAY.. Nevertheless, there is hope and so much possibilities in the FUTURE to make this thing possible (if God permits, of course).

Before the program starts, we went to the Foreign Teachers Faculty Room to relax a bit and it's because we came early, I think that was around 7:15 am. The program was at 8am. We had picture taking as we were waiting for the program to begin. I was fascinated on the decorations, they were really fancy.

Then, my hubby told me that he had to prepare himself for his Santa Claus costume and other things he needed to have for the program. He prepared ten questions about Christmas and placed each in an envelope.

When he got dressed up as Santa, he showed himself to us. Our eight month-daughter barely recognized him, so she cried while she was looking at Santa trying to push him away from her. That was hilarious because when he took away his white hair wig and beard, our daughter stopped crying.

The program didn't last very long, we had to go straight home because the third period came and my husband had to work. We we at the principal's office waiting for a cab, the school helped us called the taxi call center because I couldn't speak Thai. My husband kissed us goodbye, in front of the officials, before he left us. They were teasing us :)

(to be continued...)

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