Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 In Review

♫♪♫ And now... the end is near and so I face ~ la,la,la ♫♪♫

Few more hours to go and it'll be 2011! woohooooo! Let's cheers to that! I had a bunch of blessings this year and I would still say that I am so lucky and blessed. As I try to look back I was thinking on the good karma or the blessings that I had this year. Forget about the bad, sad, frustrating things happened for I couldn't do anything about them now because they are PAST. And I have decided to always, always MOVE ON, FORWARD. I just wanted to recall the good memories & blessings in 2010. Time is running so fast indeed to be wasted on  some "non-sense"  things, so here we go...

First Quarter (January-March)

★ These months we were busy preparing for Sofia's birth.
★ I got a part time job on English translation from the same company who offered me to teach in Primary School and do the ESL tutoring last year.
★ Met new friends and spent time hangingout with them during my boring days
★ My husband decided to buy a brand new car for us so we could take our baby to anywhere safely, he also bought the car seat for her.
★ I realized this early year that I could really count on him, he is such a wonderful, responsible father and husband. The good thing is he proved and still proving them all right (despite of my shortcomings).
★ I got roses from my loved one and my best buddy on Valentine's day.
★ He proposed to marry me on February, he didn't give a ring as a symbol of our engagement, but the pure LOVE and COMMITMENT for each other are enough to bond us. The wedding date is still unknown but we are working on it very soon.

Second Quarter (April-June)

★ Our Sofia was born. She is the reason why we love each other even MORE. She is a bunch of JOY to us.
★ With the help of our Thai friends, we were able to register her birth record to the municipal office.
★ I had another part time job which was proof reading from another company that I emailed.
★ Sofia got her birth certificates (English & Thai) and was able to submit to the Philippine Embassy, her first Philippine passport was issued.
★ We had to move to a bigger home because our humble home before was not good enough for us as we bought so much stuff for our baby, new furniture, appliances and other stuff.

Third Quarter (July- September)

★ Baptism of Sofia. I thank the Lord for our precious baby, a wonderful gift for us and my family.
★ I got a new mobile phone for my birthday from my loved one.
★ Sofia and I went to Philippines to meet her elder sister, Nikki and grandmother. It's her first travel on plane, she was only 3 months, then.
★ I received a birthday greeting and a gift cheque from my soon-to-be-mother-in-law, so surprised because she wrote that she's excited to meet me and Sofia in person.  
★ I had to take care of my mom who had a knee operation last July. When it's time for my flight to Bangkok, she was so grateful of me. The one thing that struck me was she was sorry if she had done something wrong to me. I just said whatever it is/they are, I had already forgiven her and always forgiving her because I love her so much. Of course, I asked for her forgiveness, too. I love my mom so much and  I miss her everyday.  
★ My Sweetheart had a successful operation and he was able to recover too soon (thank God).
★ I was offered a voice over job here in Bangkok. The company was still looking for two more talents and I recommended my husband because they're looking for an American accent (and he's a native speaker). Likewise, I recommended a friend of mine, whom I believe, could perform the job well. I have many friends here but I chose the one who had an experience on voice over and of course, the American accent which was very important because I didn't want to be embarrassed. My hubby and I had a great time working together for the first time and I must say, the pay was good.
★ First US e-passport, security number and live birth certificate were issued to Sofia.

Fourth Quarter (October-December)

★ I booked their (hubby and our baby) air ticket to US next year.I wish to go with them, but my visa requirements are incomplete. Better luck, next time.
★ We spent our first out-of-town family vacation at Rayong beach, Thailand. It was such an awesome family bonding. 
★ I found out that my mom already went back to work after her three months long, sick leave vacation (with pay). I was happy to hear her voice again on the phone. Thank God, everything is okay.
★ Part time job
★ My sweetheart surprised me with his early Christmas gift... it's a round trip ticket to the Philippines! (wow! thank you, Lord again)
★ He also bought a Sony Cybershots digital camera for my eldest daughter and he gave money to buy chocolates and other things that my daughter needs in the Philippines. I never tried to ask him to do it for me, but he is really kindhearted person. He knows my needs and ME pretty well.
★ I had my dental operation (root canal) this year, will have it fixed for crown & pin next year during my travel to Philippines because too much expensive to do it here (whew!)  
★ Since Sofia was born, his mom sends a package for her in exchange of the photos that we sends to them every month. And before the year ends, his mom sent two kinds of fairy costumes for Sofia. They are great! My hubby's sister also sent a package on December 29th, but we had not time to get it and the Post Office was also closed, we've heard so we didn't claim it yet.
★ I had decided to sell my almost two years Acer laptop for fifteen thousand baht. A friend of mine expressed her interest to buy it in three installment payments so that she could be able to afford.
★ Finally, I bought a brand new HP mini, an external hard drive, an external CD/DVD drive and a cooling pad.
★ Our first Christmas party was when we attended's December meet up and Christmas party. After that, we attended three more Christmas parties around our neighborhood.
★ My hubby took us to his work place for the first time to celebrate a small Christmas program, where he played Santa Claus, for his pupils.
★ I had completed the nine days Misa de Gallo aka. simbang gabi (nine dawn masses), woohoooo! it's my very first time to accomplish this in my whole life and the first time since I lived here in Bangkok.

I am so much thankful for 2010... for good health, loving family, financial blessings and home-based jobs, and many good friends. May this coming year will bring us more blessings, success and prosperity. God bless us all! Happy New Year! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part THREE)

Then, we went to our other neighbor who also invited us for Christmas dinner with them. Apparently, they are living in the same street and just few blocks away from the neighbor we first visited.

We enjoyed the small chat from the 1st neighbor but we really had a gooood time spending Christmas eve with our 2nd neighbor. We felt the welcoming heart and genuine friendship maybe because we are almost of the same ages. No offense meant but they are really both generous.

My hubby had a good time, too. The good thing about that occasion was that we didn't have to wear "mask" or the thing we called conscious about what people might think.. as if we are members of the family, the sense of "belongingness". When you are living abroad, you might feel like you are an outcast. That night we were happy because we were expressing ourselves freely as what we truly are, not afraid that people might criticize us because they are open-minded. Again, it was good to celebrate Christmas with them. They are inviting us for new year's eve, once again.

This picture was taken when they asked everyone to open the exchanged gifts we had for pictorial. I got... a shirt with pink stripes! I brought a cooling pad for my exchange gift that night

with Cathy, a very good friend of mine and she is the owner of the house ;)

The fathers' jamming session. They had fun, fun, FUN! The other guy is Cathy's husband.

Picture, picture! say... CHEESE! :)

"The Committed Fathers", Cathy said. "Dancing fathers", I said. :)

I love this family picture, very simple and homey. Three of us smiled for this photo shoot. I loveeee it! Our first Christmas together as family.

Christmas is not just all about exchanging gifts. The celebration is about the birth of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. And with this, we gather and spend this important event with our FAMILY and close friends. I may not have the most expensive gifts in the world, but I am happy because I have a very precious family. Two years more and my eldest will be living with us. 

Thank you, dear LORD for the blessings that I had for the past years, this year and for the coming years ahead.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part TWO)

We went home straight from my husband's work place. I was a little sleepy because these past few days I was up early to attend the misa de gallo (or the dawn masses in Catholic faith). Although, half of me was getting so excited for the Christmas parties on that eve. I got two (2) invitations from my Filipino neighbors and lucky enough to join their families on Christmas eve.

I was thinking what to prepare for that special dinner called noche buena or Christmas dinner. They didn't told us to bring any, it was okay but I figured that it would be polite to share some food, too. I opened our fridge and looked what to bring. I was lazy to cook so I called them if it's okay to just bring raw food like the ground beef, chicken breasts and pork chop like 1/4 or 1/2 kilo of its kind. I told them that we didn't have any spices and other ingredients and luckily they said it's just fine. So I went to their house at 1pm to give the three kinds of meat. As much as I would want to help them in cooking, I thought that it won't do any good because I have a baby to take care of, plus they were six people in their house to do it more willingly than me. I mean, they understood my situation.

When my hubby came from work, he said he was going to prepare something for them. He made some refrigerated chocolate peanut butter oat cookies to share with the two neighbors. I appreciated my husband's effort and they were really delicious!

At exactly 6:45pm, my phone rang.. It was our old lady neighbor. She's already widowed. She invited us to come for a dinner with her. I thought she was alone, but when were at the gate and buzzing the door bell,a guy opened. We were both surprised. I said it was a wrong house, but when I looked back again, I saw her by the door. Oh, it was her! I just said. She told us to come in and she introduced us to her brother-in-law. She cooked spaghetti, steamed shrimp & crab, beef stew and had fruit salad. She took us pictures as we were eating and she held our daughter so we could eat comfortably. She didn't eat with us because she said she will be waiting for her sister who was on her way.

She asked few things about living in the US and the most striking question that she asked to my husband was.. "Are you planning to marry a Filipina?" I was holding my breath because I didn't want to be embarrassed about his negative answer. However, he answered with enthusiasm, "Well, I have one in mind!", he was smiling and staring at me. Awww.. he is sweet! :)

After that small talk, we said goodbye and she said that she was happy to have us as her guests and so did we. She's a fine lady, remarkable indeed. We thanked her for the invitation. Then, we moved on to our other neighbor's house.

(to be continued...)

Christmas in Bangkok 2010 (Part ONE)

December 24th at six o'clock in the morning, my baby daughter and I went to my hubby's work to attend a small program about Christmas. Since, this is a Buddhist country, I wouldn't expect an extravagant activity this Christmas season as compare how it is done in the Philippines. But somehow I got so excited to know that my hubby will be playing the role of Santa Claus on their small program. According to him, last year it was a whole day affair, but the management suggested to have it for the first and second periods which mean it won't last longer than two and a half to three hours.

When we were there, I noticed that the school is huge and pretty decent enough as compare to his previous work place. The students, local and foreign faculty teachers and the officers of the school were looking at us. My husband introduced us to them. I was overwhelmed by his gestures, a feeling that he is so proud to have his own FAMILY. They were smiling at us and they were happy to see our baby girl. This was the first time I was introduced in his work place in our relationship and the first time ever in my life. I have never been so proud like this and have never been felt and treated that someone I love is so much proud to introduce me to everyone. If only I could go with them in the US for a vacation to meet his family.. If only life itself is simple... but it's not. Life itself is complicated to deal with, so much pressures and challenges ahead. All we have to do is HOPE and PRAY.. Nevertheless, there is hope and so much possibilities in the FUTURE to make this thing possible (if God permits, of course).

Before the program starts, we went to the Foreign Teachers Faculty Room to relax a bit and it's because we came early, I think that was around 7:15 am. The program was at 8am. We had picture taking as we were waiting for the program to begin. I was fascinated on the decorations, they were really fancy.

Then, my hubby told me that he had to prepare himself for his Santa Claus costume and other things he needed to have for the program. He prepared ten questions about Christmas and placed each in an envelope.

When he got dressed up as Santa, he showed himself to us. Our eight month-daughter barely recognized him, so she cried while she was looking at Santa trying to push him away from her. That was hilarious because when he took away his white hair wig and beard, our daughter stopped crying.

The program didn't last very long, we had to go straight home because the third period came and my husband had to work. We we at the principal's office waiting for a cab, the school helped us called the taxi call center because I couldn't speak Thai. My husband kissed us goodbye, in front of the officials, before he left us. They were teasing us :)

(to be continued...)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 9)

Whew! At long last, It's the last day of my Christmas novena. I still couldn't believe I made it to the last day! They say that I should have prayed my wish or wishes because according to them, it/they will come true. So I did. All I really want for Christmas is to be with my family and that's all. Not about gifts or fancy things in mind. But, I won't mention about my specific wish or wishes here on my blog because it's a SECRET. I will reveal those later (smiles).

I prayed not only for myself but for my family here in Bangkok and in the Philippines. I feel so blessed somehow despite of all my sufferings and shortcomings. There are so many things in life that I should be thankful for to God. Most blessings that I have are not material things, they are gift of LOVE for me from God, my family and  friends.. not to mention the LOVE within me. For without this, I would feel nothing. An overflowing LOVE from my sweetheart, Rex Wolfe and my two daughters. Unconditional love from God and my mom. And because of LOVE, I got more blessings from them. I love them ALL!  

There were many people attended the 9th day. At first, I wondered why.. But after the mass had ended, they announced that there's an 18th birthday celebration so plenty of  food was served outside. We sang happy birthday and greeted the birthday celebrant. As usual, we had picture taking.

Two of my neighbors invited me and my family to join them for tonight's Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner). I figured not to cook or prepare anything for dinner because we will be out to spend dinner.

I went home after the mass at 6:15 am. I had a date with my husband in the morning. He took us to work because they had a small program about Christmas and my husband had to wear Santa Claus costume.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 8)

One foggy dawn, I woke up with a smile because one more sleep to go and it will be Christmas day! I had made it to the eight day woohoo! I am looking forward for tomorrow's 9th day.

I was surprised because my friends were all present, they live on the first street. Their five month baby, Sean was also there in his stroller, sleeping. They all finally came to church. They said that the Christmas party will be on the 25th at 7pm. It will be a family gathering plus me. 

I was still really tired from yesterday's shopping, but this won't prevent me not to attend. My back, head, shoulders, legs and feet were aching. Our baby is getting heavy and heavier each month. This early morning, she was asleep during the mass, probably she was also tired. 

When the mass was ended, Father Travis announced that there will be a holy mass on Christmas day at 6pm. This will be the first time of my life to complete the nine days Misa de Gallo. I have pictures but still so lazy to upload, maybe later today or tomorrow.I needed to edit some photos because when it was taken, it was blurry and some are dark, I needed to lighten them up a bit. 

 After the mass, our socialization begun. Picture taking, once again... The pianist approached me and was asking about my daughter. She said that she is a teacher at Ruamrudee International School just beside the Church. I asked her if she knows someone named "H" whom I met from siampinoy, she responded that that person is her daughter! oh, what a small world! She invited me to her house this morning and so went to see where she lives. I stayed very shortly. For I have to go back home for my husband will be leaving to work and I needed to kiss him goodbye. I went back to sleep after wards and I woke up past 11 am.

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 7)

I had no chance to blog about my seventh day because it was a long day, yesterday. It was difficult to recall the salient details or special things that happened, specially when you had so many activities yesterday and today.

I just remembered that when I woke up, it was still early, earlier than usual. Before I left home, I ate something because I was getting hungry.When I was in the church, I stopped by the entrance and took a shot of the surroundings, it was a silent dawn.

It was so nice to be there early because I had time for my personal prayers and for pictorial. My daughter was fascinated by the chasing Christmas lights and the trees. A few minutes more, people were coming from different directions. Our priest came out and gave a sign to start the holy mass.

The two nuns from the Philippines were there to attend the mass with us, they were here in Bangkok for a vacation. They are "sisters in Christ" and are literally sisters. Our pianist told them to help reading the scripture and leading the Choir during the ceremony.

I just noticed that the pianist was not the same person on the first day. We had a Choir group but since this pianist has started, the choir group has gone. There were less people attended this time. One of us offered to play a guitar and play the piano if she isn't familiar with the song/s. The thirty-minute-mass had ended harmoniously.

I was so excited to come home to meet my husband because I had planned to go out and buy something. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 6)

I woke up a little weird today, probably because I was stressed out. Our baby acted restlessly as she was sleeping and crying all night and early morning. I thought I was only dreaming when I heard my mobile phone's alarm. I got up and quickly went to our living room. I was shocked because when I looked at the clock, it was already 5:30 am. It thought it was only mocking me or maybe my hubby adjusted our clock. But, it can't be wrong either because our clock is attached to the satellite TV. I've checked and the time was RIGHT (oh goodness!) so I was late AGAIN. So maybe the time on my phone was incorrect? I was hurriedly dressed up and so my baby. I was running this early morning. The last time I checked before I left was already 5:40am.

When I was there, they were singing, "Silent Night". We usually sing that song almost at the end of the holy mass. So I felt so sorry. I thought, it was finished. So shy, so I stayed 5 minutes outside. But then, I heard the communion thingy, Oh! I said I wasn't very late but just LATE. It was so weird because when I left, the clock said 5:40 am but the sky was still dark. What went wrong? Was I hallucinating?

Or I was still sleeping. My body was awake but my mind was sleeping. I felt so sorry. It's really difficult to have a baby. I got this weird feeling because I haven't got a good night sleep. It has always been interrupted and incomplete.    

I thought I was going to miss my sixth day of my nine mornings novena. Still lucky somehow because I did.. somehow. I wish to finish my nine days and I still have 3 early mornings more! Aja,! Aja! (Korean word for fighting!) Fighting for my laziness to wake up early. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 5)

It's a good feeling that I came five minutes early in mass today. I was one of the early birds and proud that I could actually be that punctual. When I arrived, it was only three of us there. As usual, I brought my baby with me.. she's the youngest person in the crowd.

I can't believe that time is flying so fast that this day is my fifth day of my Christmas novena. I certainly hope that I'll be able to finish four more days to complete my wish and prayers for the coming year or years.

I seated next to the choir and pianist on the left side. It was fantastic to sing Christmas songs with them. I had a copy of the closing song, Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit". I couldn't believe that I don't remember some of the lyrics of this famous song. We used to sing this when I was a kid on our Christmas caroling as we go house to house to hopefully solicit a little money or goods from their heart. I am missing my childhood days now. I wish to be back home this Christmas.

After the free breakfast, I went straight home to get back to sleep. I know my daughter was sleepy, too. I found my sweetheart already dressed up to work, he kissed us goodbye, it was 6:30 am. I went back to sleep.

Happy Anniversary To My JTH Blog

Whoa! I didn't realized that this month is my Journey To Haven blog's 1st year anniversary. Not so much active last April-August for I had so much activities those times.

I have 43 posts (including this) here in JTH. I've also created 4 other blogs in the same account, in the same year. I have another confidential blog but it was created it this year.

Wow! not bad, after all! I've made it somehow. I wish to write more blogs that will be interesting to the public and will enhance my networking skills so as to increase the traffic. Most importantly, I wish that I would be able to inspire, help, uplift someone's spirit, and entertain while reading my blog. Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 4)

It's a cool cloudy morning, my fourth day to my Christmas novena. Today is the first Sunday of Advent. I saw more people attended today in the church. I can't understand why people won't even come to church when it's just a 30-minute mass and I know more Catholics are living around here, more Filipinos and Western people. I must complete the nine mornings because I have no excuse for not doing so. Shame on me if I couldn't.

When I was younger, my wish was to complete the nine-day dawn masses but I wasn't able to because our church was far from my ancestral home. Plus, I was attending school and I didn't want to be late in class. I haven't completed the nine days, in my life. This time, I am hopeful.

After the mass, as usual, they served a free breakfast. I quickly made a hot coffee and got an egg sandwich. I did not finish my hot coffee and I ate the rest of my sandwich on my way home. I was really sleepy because I slept late again because I attended a Christmas party in the neighborhood.

I went straight to our bedroom and kissed my sweetheart on his forehead. I slept beside him. I woke up at 9:45 already.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Food Cravings

I have been missing Philippines even more this month. I know that celebrating Christmas and New Year seasons are more extravagant and exciting in the Philippines, indeed there's no place like HOME!

Each time, I go to attend nine-day dawn masses here in Bangkok, I couldn't stop thinking about the food, Christmas carols and the glittering lights everywhere in the Philippines.

I am missing these foods which we usually have on Christmas or New Year's day.

Yummy Bibingka (rice cake)

This is how they cook bibingka

Puto and Kutsinta (rice cake)

Puto Bumbong (another rice cake)


Pancit (stir fry noodles)

Queso de bola (literaly means cheese ball)

Fruit salad

We have many variations of salad in the Philippines that I do really missed.

Fruit salad
Macaroni-fruit cocktail salad
Potato salad
Buko salad (young coconut)
Buko Pandan salad (young coconut and pandan flavored jelly)
Chicken-macaroni salad

Below is the sample image of our Christmas foods in the Philippines. More extravagant celebration in the country side than in the City (Manila).

The Traditional Christmas Eve Feast

Now... I am getting hungry :p I'll post again next time, breakfast is approaching :)

TGIF Dinner Date With My Family

Yesterday at five o'clock in the afternoon, my sweetheart came home from work. I was asking him if he was getting hungry or already starving. He said that he was craving for a salad bar at Sizzler's so he invited me to go out for our dinner.

Of course, I wouldn't turn down his offer and I mean NEVER when it comes to food, I believe he KNOWS that. I won't turn down his offer for food though I am angry on him, too. There are times that he would use this to make peace offering to me hahaha. We both love FOOD and we like to EAT and so we are compatible (yay!lols).

And so.. we went out for a dinner at Sizzler's in Fashion Islands, located at Ram Inthra road. We were thinking about having our dinner date at The Mall Bangkapi, but we both know that the parking area there is really terrible.

No, I didn't take pictures of our dinner date last night because I didn't want to ruin the moment together. I know that he hates picture taking, specially in a restaurant and the food that we're eating. He just said that the food is just ordinary and the people will be laughing on us if I did so. As if, it's my first time to eat there (we're at Sizzler's once or twice a month) or that we just could afford to eat Sizzler's that is why I am taking photos. I understand his sentiments, he has different culture and perception. He may be right, too.

We took turns on carrying our baby as we get the food in salad bar. We ordered the cheapest but delicious set which was the fish and chips (crumbled fish fillet & french fries), it was only 169 Thai baht. I had refillable lemon iced tea for a drink which cost 65 Thai baht. The salad bar buffet is free when you order any menu set.

I just grabbed this at google images seach engine (

The image above was my dinner, but I preferred the french fries (a choice of mashed baked or fried potato). I did enjoy our date, it was simple but sweet. We went home at past nine in the evening.I went to bed at eleven.

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 3)

Third day of my "nine mornings", I was awaken at 5:00 in the morning. Yeah, five o'clock and the mass will be at 5:30. I was afraid to be late again, so I hurriedly went to the toilet to wash my face and brush my teeth. I checked on my baby and she pooped her diaper. I changed her quickly and I hurriedly dressed up without taking a bath (ewww!). I was almost running to church. I was a little late again, but not so bad.

When I was sitting there, at the back row seat, I heard a guy (or gay?) who was talking to his seatmate (woman). He was saying something in "bisaya" (dialect in the Philippines) and I understood what he said. Heard him saying, "I couldn't be able to attend a holy mass without taking a bath". I looked at him and he was smiling at me (pretending that he did not say something bad). I was so surprised that he is my neighbor. I smiled back and focused myself on the mass. I looked around and I found out that I was the only person who did not take a bath (yikes hahaha).

I just thought, why this kind of people would even think that way going to Church. Well, I just don't care about what he thinks of me because first of all, I was there to attend a mass and not to criticize people about how they look or if they take a bath. I consider it too petty, so shallow to think about. If I take a shower before going to church at that time, obviously.. I will miss my day 3 of my novena. But because I love to complete the nine days, I went on.

On the hand, It's my fault, I woke up late. Instead of getting angry or annoyed by his unpleasing comment on me, I just take it positively. At some point, he is right. Why would I go to church without taking a shower? I know that I should look more presentable in the eyes of God by taking a bath, by dressing up neatly and properly. We have to treat God as if we are on a DATE. It's like we are dating a very, very, very important person... THE LORD.

I feel partly guilty by that. If I don't like being criticize by my neighbor, I should have not gone to church without taking a shower and I should have not woke up late so I was able to take a shower and I should have not sleep late so I woke up early... Regrets? NO! I don't have to take it as regret, but it will be a MAJOR LESSON to me.

Come to think more about it, what's even worst is that our outward appearance is ready, but not our soul, mind and heart. When we go to church we have to focus on our purpose why we are attending the holy mass. This is another subject to blog about and I will write about this next time.

Deep in our hearts, we know how sincere we are when we pray. We may be deceiving ourselves but not God. He knows well our faith, he knows well our mind, our sins, our prayers and EVERYTHING about us.

A friend of mine quoted, "Our religion is what we do when the sermon/mass is over". Moreover, we define our faith and religion by what we think, say, do. That is before, during and after our prayers.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Top 10 Most Interesting Things To Blog About

My friends were asking me as to why I couldn't stop blogging and seems that I am not running out of subjects/ideas to write about. Seriously, I might been busy at times, but, if I have plenty of time I will write everyday like three times a day.

Sometimes, there are so many ideas that crossed my mind when I am out of the house or busy doing stuff and when I am ready to write I forgot what I had decided to write about. In case like this, when my mind is busy processing and ideas are running endlessly, I stopped for awhile and list down what I wanted subjects or ideas I am going to write. But, if I cannot postpone my task/s.. I have no choice but to hardly recall what I had in mind hehehe too difficult for me because I am forgetful.

Here are the list of subjects that are interesting to blog about:

1. Life in General/Experiences
2. Work Related/Jobs/Career/Business
3. Travel/Trips/Journey to Where?
4. Pregnancy Diary/Parenting
5. Hobby/Talent/Skills
6. Food Tripping/Recipe
7. Social Networking Site like FB/Phography/Pictures
8. Politics/Satire/Cuurent Events/Issues
9. Love Story/Relationship/Emotions
10. Spiritual/Philosophy/Inspirational

These are huge subjects, you can chop and narrow down into micro level or specific ones. That way, you could be able to blog everyday with so much ideas.

However, blogging is not about JUST writing things for the sake of "blogging", it requires knowledge/wisdom, experience, interests and appropriate skills on subject matter. How could you even write or blog, if you don't know what you're going to write (lack of knowledge/awareness, skills,interests, experiences, etc.)? You may end up blogging non-sense and most likely, people won't be interested to read your blogs. Catching people's attention and increasing the traffic on your website are also factors that you need to consider if your objective is either personal or business (or both).

"Start writing, no matter about what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. You can sit and look at a page for a long time and nothing will happen. Start writing and it will." -- Louis L'Amour

borrowed image from:

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 2)

Hmmm.. I set my alarm clock on my mobile, good thing I was not late. Why I? because my man did not come with me for he had a little hang over from last night's gimmick. But it didn't bother or stop me to attend the holy mass. I understand him because he went home late drunk, he was invited by a friend. It made me think he's a little stress at work. So I went by myself and I brought our baby with me.

When I entered the Church, the same faces were there. Probably, tomorrow morning many people will attend because it's a Saturday, no work. It was still solemn though a few people had attended.

I had my personal prayers in my mind during the holy mass. Praying for forgiveness from God, for myself and for people that I've hurt. Likewise, praying for continuous blessings everyday.

The mass was ended at exactly 6:00 am. I had a breakfast again while chatting with fellow Filipinos. Some of them are working at Sarasas Witaed Minburi, Romklao and Nimitmai.

It's nice to wake up early everyday but I had a hard time sleeping early evening, too. Yesterday, I slept at 11:00 am, then woke up at 4:40 am. I still have to get some sleep. I wish I could be able to complete my nine days :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Misa De Gallo in Bangkok (Day 1)

Literally, Misa de Gallo means "rooster's mass" in Spanish. We call it "simbang gabi" in Filipino which means "evening/night worship, nine-day dawn masses, or the nine days". It is a very important Christmas tradition in the Philippines. 16th of December is the start of nine-day mass.

The schedule of English mass here at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Church in Soi 184 Rhumkamhaeng, Minburi, Bangkok is at 5:30-6:00 am only. The holy mass should take an hour, but because the Church has made some considerations to those people who are going to work and school. Our Reverend Father Leo Travis, C.Ss.R. There is a free breakfast after the mass.

I have attended the first time with my family, today. I was surprised that my hubby attended with me, since, he was telling me that he has no religion (in my knowledge and was stated in his profile online).

We were trying to come early but were late for 3 minutes. When we were inside the church, I noticed that there were only 20 people more or less in the church and that included us. The 30 minutes mass was solemn for me, my mind was relaxed and I was able to pray wholeheartedly.

When the church choir sang, the Christmas song "Silent Night", I had goosebumps and I felt very sad because I remember my family and relatives in the Philippines. I missed the way we celebrate Christmas at home.

While we were all singing the song, I heard his sad voice. I glanced at him, I saw him almost crying but he was holding on to his tears... I could feel his sadness, he hasn't been home for long four years! He could only phone his mom and dad in the US. The tears finally fell from his eyes, he immediately wiped them so that nobody would noticed (even me). But, in the corner of my eye I witnessed how emotional he was. I pretended that I didn't know.

The mass had ended by singing a famous Filipino Christmas song "Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit". I miss singing this song very much. When I was a kid, I was always singing this on Christmas caroling.

We were invited to have breakfast with other attendees. My husband refused to eat because he was in a hurry to work. I kissed him goodbye. I was so glad that I could be able to motivate him to go to Church without even arguing or asking him.

Our baby and I was left at the church chitchatting with fellow Filipinos while having breakfast. I made a hot coffee and grabbed two pieces of chiffon cake. I had fun not only because we had some pictorials. But most of all, I had fun because I had attended the day one of nine-day dawn masses, with my family.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Happenings 2010

Christmas is one of the most special, holy and exciting day of the year. Definitely, more important than my birthday, of course! :) It is great to spend time Christmas in the Philippines with family and friends around. This is my second year celebrating Christmas in Bangkok with my family. I am missing my mom and daughter so much.

5th of December, we attended a Christmas party together (as a family) for the first time and still for the first time this month. Majority of the attendees are Filipinos and other expats, I met them through a social networking site called

I was fascinated by eating my fave pancit molo soup, pasta and the fried chicken (drooling again,lol). I do really have an active stomach, which means that I do EAT a loooottt! I could eat twice or thrice as my hubby's eating. Luckily, my body is not as big as mother elephant bwahahahaha maybe too soon.. who knows? hahaha

The exchange gift was also exciting.. but I promise to myself not to open the gift until Christmas (want to surprise myself even more). That's how we do it at home, we open Christmas presents at exactly 12:00 am of December 25th. I was surprised, my hubby believes the same :)

Second week of December, we were invited to attend a Christening cum Christmas party in the neighborhood. Good thing, our Parish Church is situated within our village (4-5 minutes walk). It was so convenient for us because we live nearby our neighbor and the Church.

It took awhile for me to post this blog because I got busy on Christmas preparations for the coming week and onwards. Next week will be Christmas day. A very close friend of mine (my colleague), expressed her interest to visit me on Christmas day. I am thinking of cooking spaghetti and macaroni or potato salad. I'll also ask some friends if they are free, so we will have some sort of small party... just a few friends will do. But, I am not sure if they are on holiday out of Bangkok or still be working on Christmas day, since this is a Buddhist country. Luckily, December 25 falls on Saturday.

My neighbor at first street was inviting me on Christmas day for a party as well. The good thing about living here in my place is that there are many Filipinos nearby and the Church, too.

A photo souvenir from our first Christmas party and this is our first Christmas photo together this year. My daughter was sleeping, then (too bad), I wish I could wake her up. More Christmas party to come this month. Cheers! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

30 Reasons Why I Couldn't Blog

borrowed image from google search

Sometimes, I found it difficult to blog. But there are those times like these past few weeks that I started non-stop blogging again. I have this kind of activity that when I do some thing this week, I will do it one, two or the whole month just for one single agenda, like blogging, chatting, hanging out with friends, etc.

Below are just some of the reasons why I stop or not blogging. I am not going to blog because I am or I have ............................

1. Busy multi-tasking
2. Baby sitting
3. Out of the country for vacation
4. Feeling lazy and lazy to upload the images
5. Asleep (of course)
6. Making love (smile)
7. Bad internet connection
8. No electricity
9. Not in the mood
10. Taking a shower
11. Doing my laundry
12. Talking on the phone
13. Part time jobs
14. Hanging out with family/friends or by myself
15. I love to do nothing
16. Sick
17. In the hospital
18. Paper work (helping my hubby)
19. Cooking
20. Eating
21. Cleaning the house
22. Driving lessons
23. Swimming
23. Facebooking & Online Games
24. Researching seriouly
25. In the Church
26. Dancing
27. Singing/Videoke
28. Exercise/At the gym
29. Doing my nails
30. Watching TV/DVD/movie

I may not post a blog, but I have drafts sometimes and just feel lazy to post because I haven't uploaded some images to each of my blogs so I have pending blogs that I've started long time ago.
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