Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Surprise

I slept at 3 am.. already; it was because I had sleeping discomfort. I played online games at Facebook just to have something to do while I was awake. I woke up at 10 am.

I'd like to sleep more but I couldn't stand the sound of TV and the noise and wondered where was that coming from. I slightly opened my eyes and asked my sweetheart what he was doing because it was so noisy. He smiled and said "what are you doing?" I answered that I was sleeping but now I am awake and lazy to get up in bed. He handed me a plate of hash browns topped with sliced cheese and offered me something to drink. I was amazed because I didn't notice that he bought it yesterday or the other day when we went to the supermarket nearby.

I took the plate with a smile on my face and said "thank you". It was served while I was still in bed and that was so sweet and nice of him. Finally, I asked him as to where he bought the hash browns and he told me that it was one of his friends who bought it and gave it to him last night. I didn't see it because I was in the bathroom. He didn't tell me because he wanted to surprise me :D

This morning was not the only day that he prepared breakfast for me. It is always he, especially now that it is summer vacation. He reminds me of my dad (RIP) who was a good cook. I admire men who can cook delicious food or at least initiate to prepare food for someone they love. For me, it is really romantic, sweet and thoughtful.

We couldn't buy hash browns at the supermarket not because we couldn't afford it. But it is because there are no single packs like 6 pieces in bag or carton in here. They have it like 20 or more pieces in a pack and we don't need much like that because we are only two at home and afraid that it will just spoil easily. Couple with that, we have limited space in the freezer for meat.

It was really a wonderful morning waking up with a special sweet surprise coming from the one you love and who loves you in return. It was such a nice treat! :D
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