Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sweetheart's Soccer Game

It's a wonderful thing that I was able to witness how my sweetheart play football. He is indeed into sports, notwithstanding his figure and weight (laughs). I love him for what he is, no matter what people say about him. Inspite of the fact the he's pretty "healthy", I should say hehehe others would call him fat or shall I say, he admitted that he is fat... and I DONT GIVE A DAMN :D

They usually play football every Wednesday, but it is still depends on his mates' schedule because they are all working and others are still committed to teach privately (tutorial) after school. Their opponent (other team) is Thai youth players. They know that the other team is better as compare to them because they are young, more active and keeps on practicing everyday. But I told him that it is not about winning the game; it is about enjoying the game playing with friends, losing a little weight from doing it and will give him pleasure because he loves playing football.

On that afternoon, I cheered for him and gave my full support. I took several pictures and videos because I want to show to our little one in the future. So I can tell her stories about his athletic daddy. My sweetheart used to play rugby and baseball, too when he was younger.

In this picture, he was really thirsty and sweating so much. He was inspired to play the game... Was it because I was watching him? hmmmm... that was for sure ;)

He was doing some stretching, just before the game started. At first, he was ashamed of his friends because I took ramdom pictures of him and them while playing. But, he didn't mind me after awhile and he suggested to have a group picture.

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