Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday Madness with MC @ Wat Pho & Wat Arun via Chaopraya River

I haven't got a chance to post my blog last weekend because I got so tired. Actually, I still have pending blogs to make and I have no time to write as I got so tired from our Friday's trip with a good friend of mine. That was really a one day event and was exciting because it was my first time to travel around the City of Bangkok.

We met at Phra Khanong BTS station at past 9am, because I was late (yes! as usual~).

This picture was taken inside the BTS station (MRT/LRT in the PH)

A friend of mine took photos of me from my arrival up to the end of our journey :)

At the waiting area of Pier. We needed to ride a boat to reach our destination

picture taking by Chaopraya River, the biggest river in Bangkok.

bitter sweet smile under the sun, it really shows! this photo couldn't lie to me lololol

I couldn't smile any good because it's sooo HOT!

What were these people doing behind my back? :D

This photo is more beautiful if... there're no people standing behind me lololololol

We didn't know that taking a picture here will cost me 40 baht... huh? what on earth?! If I have known... I wouldn't try to do this, not worth of my money at all! charged to experience hmmmpp!

nice shot and me! :)

relaxing and recharging because I need more energy to go down stairs :D

We asked someone to take pictures of us together so we could keep them as remembrance about our exciting but tiring journey :)

MC and Me

She took a stolen shot of me, as I looked at the wonderful view of Wat Arun... :D

Standing in front of the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. It was difficult to take photos here because there were many tourists that time, yay!

The face of the reclining Buddha.

MC and me, we were about to eat our dinner @ Japanese restaurant in Siam Paragon Mall. As usual... picture taking before we eat lololololol

My solo pic while we were dining that night, I changed my clothes and had to refresh because I was stinky (laughs)


Teetatea V said...

hahaha buti nalang from afar ang pix with me di masyadaong bad hair day is oka LOLOLOL! that 40baht shot is indeed, hmmmm heck! LOLOL!

Elektra said...

okey lang MC, beauty ka pa din naman kahit bad hair day ka pa! hehehe agree 40baht graveh picture taking lang dun.. hirap tlga ng buhay thesedays, kahit ano na lng pwede pagkakitaan hehehe thanks for dropping by :D

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