Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Filipino Restaurant Here In Bangkok

I went out for lunch this afternoon to meet my future business partner. She's been here in Thailand for so long and her family is also here. She invited me to eat at Filipino restaurant located at Pridi Banomyong (aka Phra Khanong) Soi 40.

I rode bus 113 from Minburi then, went off at Ramkamhaeng Mall transferred to bus 40. After I reached Phrakhanong station in BTS, I called her to meet me there as I didn't know how to get there at our meeting place. I worried that I got lost that day.

While waiting for her, I looked around and took a picture of what I found in that place.

The place I was at. They call this BTS Station (or the MRT counterpart in the Philippines)Phrakhanong

I glanced at the BTS route map.

I saw this interesting vehicle looks similar to ours. They call it "tuktok"

The name of the restaurant is "Kumpleto" which means "complete" in Filipino language. I looked at their menu for the day and I was surprised because they have caldereta (beef in yummy sauce) and bulalo (beef and bone marrow soup with cabbage) which are my favorite Filipino food. So we ordered them, not knowing that the bulalo soup we ordered was already good for 3-4 persons and we're only two. The price per order is 250baht :D

Caldereta- yummy sauce and meat. I will post my recipe there at my other blog "Food Tripping and Recipes", once I already tried cooking this.

Bulalo- I don't think my Sweetheart will love this because he likes saucy meat food like adobo, estofado and caldereta but not this kind of food. But I really love this food because of the soup and the bone marrow so yummylicious! :D

They also have a mini variety store inside the restaurant where you can buy Filipino products like canned and instant goods, snacks, red hotdogs and other processed meat.

Likewise, they have a social networking site to endorse their products and the Filipino restaurant.

My business partner having a bowl of bulalo soup.

I had fun eating there and I am looking forward to come back soon. Now I know where to go if I am craving for Filipino food... :D


pizza said...

HI. do you happen to know their phone numbers?

Kumpleto said...

hi sis,
We are all surprised when we interviewed one of our newbie in website, we asked how she found out about our site and she mentioned it is through this 'haven site'.
I would like to thank you for posting the pictures of our resto and for the positive review.

Please let us know the next time you visit the resto.


Elektra said...

@ Kumpeto- hi madam Malou! I know you're one of the owners of & restaurant. You are welcome. Might be she/he is a friend of mine hahaha I'm just one of your many Filipino customers here in Thailand. Just wonder if you happen to have other branch/es of your restaurant here. Just hope to visit next time probably before the end of this month or some time before this year ends.

Thank u for visiting my site.

More power!

Elektra <3

Elektra said...

@ Pizza- hello there! welcome to my site and thank you for reading my blog. I don't have their phone number/s but I know how to get there and I know their website. Just let me know if you need help as to how to get there :)

Cheerful said...

hi, we are new in bangkok...just arrived more than a week with the whole family. thanks for this post, will be going to kumpleto site to know their exact address...:) are you living around sukhumvit? i havn't met any filipino yet. :( have a great week.

Elektra said...

@Cheerful- hi! thanks for visiting my blog, you are welcome. I live somewhere far from the Sukhumvit (BTS) but if my friends from Ploenchit asked me out for lunch on weekends, I'll surely comeby! hahaha We usually go to the Emporium Mall. If you want you can PM your mobile number, so we could meet up and I'll introduce you to some of my Filipino friends. Thanks again! Take care..

Mp said...

Hi...just wanna share this info...I found their website and it's

Katherine Batac said...

Salamat sa info.

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