Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopping Galore @ Pratunam & Platinum Malls

I decided to go out Friday morning today so I could go to Pratunam and Platinum, the famous malls which are selling cheap items like clothes, shoes and other stuff. My ultimate goal was to buy things for my family in the Philippines (for my mom, sister and her son, brother, my aunt (who's taking care of my kid) and my precious daughter) and to find the door to door delivery service (courier similar to FEDEX but more cheap) to send the items to the Philippines.

I took bus 113 to go there straight and went off at Soi 27. I walked a little and found this interesting mall... Pratunam Center

Picture taking is not allowed inside the mall. This is the Divisoria version here, you can get more discounts if you're buying by dozens (wholesale)

at the side of Pratunam Mall

There are flea markets outside the mall. I guess you will find them everywhere here in Thailand. But if you can't speak any Thai, you won't be able to get a discount. You're lucky if they'll reduce the price for you without even asking for it. I was comparing the prices between Tesco and flea market and I found it just a little difference. But, you will see the quality at the mall than the flea market. At Tesco, you cannot ask for a discount but there at Pratunam and Platinum, there are chances that they will give it to you according to what you can afford. The secret thing here is patience and assertiveness. You can find more items cheaper if you move around the store so be patient and be assertive of the price you can afford, they will give a discount if you negotiate fairly, too.

I bought some items for my family there, my budget was only 2,500 baht for all of them (for 6 persons) hahaha I know I am a little stingy because I am not working so i must learn how to budget the money wisely to help my Sweetheart because he is the one working for us. I don't want him to think that I am a shopaholic freak, that I am wasting his money for nothing. I guess, I am just spending reasonably. I haven't got a chance to give gifts to my family last Christmas.

Flea market


The Platinum Fashion Mall

It was already lunch, I was starving and craving for something different to taste. I found this Indian-Thai-Chinese Restaurant at Pechaburi Soi 29..

Davindra Restaurant

I ordered the Prawn Curry and White Sticky Rice.

No left over :D

I loved this meal! Something new and yummylicious. I might cook chicken curry tomorrow night for our dinner :p The food was really great, it cost 215.00 baht

After lunch, I was searching for the door to door service and I found one at Pechaburi Soi 19 (infront of Platinum Mall), the Four Seasons International Services. It is a hotel and they have a special service for door to door to send to Philippines within Metro Manila areas and with additional charges outside Manila. It cost only 50.00 pesos per kilo but they won't accept packages less than 5 kilos and it must be sealed in the box so it will be safely delivered to the Philippines.I did not expected this so I chose not to pursue sending the items to my family because it only weigh less than 5 kilos and I didn't have a box and they won't accept it even I insist. To avoid misplacement of packages, they said.

It is past 4pm, I must go home before the sun goes down because I promised to cook dinner for my Sweetheart. I crossed the footbridge at Pechaburi Soi 29 and took the bus 502 from there, went off the Victory Monument. The first time, I've been there so I took a few shots of the place.

The Victory Monument, looks like Edsa in the Philippines.


Ely Biado said...

Thanks for the pictures, I was able to see some of Thailand's finest place.

A place I have yet to see aside from Hongkong.

Elektra said...

You are welcome po! Actually, those were just simple places here in Bangkok and some other provincial areas. But there are still more beautiful places here which I have not been to. I will post more photos next time, if I'll have a chance to go somewhere nicer than Bangkok hahaha thank you for dropping by and the comment.

Shiene143 said...

Nice blog. I want also to travel in Thailand and those photos are inspiring me to be there. Hopefully my cousin will invite me there and I will shopping to that mall also. Thanks.

Shiene @ malls in the philippines

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