Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Way He Look At Me

I know that I sound like a little bit of corny this time lols. And I am pretty sure that the title of my blog connects or relates you with the very famous love song of Christian Bautista's "The Way You Look At Me". Yeah~ I know corny it is... But they often say, when you're truly in love with (or love) someone, being corny, cheesy, crazy or call it whatever you like, is something normal and natural.

Likewise, it is inevitable to do something really good or extra special for yourself and for your significant other because you feel the love. Love can change me to become a better person, a new self and it’s just come naturally and sometimes I am not aware that I am doing things which I wasn’t doing before in my past relationships. Well… perhaps it is because he made me feel so special. I hate to compare but in all honesty, I would say he is a different kind of guy. I’ve never met someone like him in my life. I consider myself so lucky and blessed. I thank God for bringing him to my life, to let us finally meet. Such a long time that I waited for someone who will accept and love me for being me.

It is the way he loves me that make me feel so special. He look at me as someone he’ll cherish a life time. Someone he finds a connection with. Someone who will understand and support him no matter what happens – good or bad times. And I feel the same way with him. The ways he looks at me make me fall in love with him over and over again. It is really great to fall in love everyday with the same person. I couldn’t ask for more. He’s really what I asked and prayed for to God.

We both don’t need to hide or disguise about our feelings nor our true personalities. We can be ourselves and confident because we acknowledge our strengths and accept each others’ weaknesses. We might have trust issues before because of our past but we’d already overcome and now we are like best friends and buddy.

In his eyes, I look and feel pretty, sexy, intelligent, funny, interesting, loving, caring, thoughtful, sweet and simple. The way he treats me, make me really love him deeply. I have never loved someone like him in my past.

He’s not the man who always says the magic words “I love you” to a woman he loves. But you will feel the true meaning of love in his deeds. He will make you feel loved by his non verbal. He will only say those words if he’s getting too emotional or overjoyed. It is not that he does not want to say it to me, but because those three magical words are often misused or taken for granted by many. He would rather show about his feelings than saying them because it is really easy to say that you love the person without any sincerity. But to prove that you love someone by action is really a difficult part. How many women in this world who are blinded by hearing those words from the person who just say those words because of the relationship thing or because women are expecting to hear those magic words. I don’t wanna be one of them. I would rather feel the love through action than just hear those words without any sincerity. As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”.

I love him because he is so sincere, the most kindest and honest person I have ever known. I am glad he’s the father of my little one inside me. How I wish, our baby will inherit his good attitude and physical feature. He may not know this, but to me, he is the most handsome and the best person in the world, second to my father (RIP). Lastly, it is the way he look at me that make me become whole again as a better person.

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