Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preggy's Busy Day

I liked the weather today, it was sunny shiny Tuesday (December 22) but a little windy. The cool breeze of the wind convinced me to go out for a walk. So I did… It is two more days before Christmas. I remembered that this week must be a very busy one for every family in the Philippines. I thought of my daughter, mom, sister, brother, nephew, aunt, and grand mom in my country, wondering how they will celebrate Christmas and New Year without me. Well… maybe they’re getting used to it as I am a little independent about family gatherings since two years ago. I just missed their presence. I wish I could be with them with my Sweetheart and our little baby. How I really want them to meet my new family. I went out to ease my boredom and a little of my homesickness.

I got so busy the whole day. In the morning, I went out to at the supermarket to buy Filipino ingredients for my tilapia with coconut milk (ginataang tilapia) and squid stew (adobong pusit). When I was there, I was hungry because of the smell of food. I decided to go at the 3rd floor to have my breakfast. It was already 9:00 am, then.

After I had finished my grocery for the day, I went back home to cook the two menus that I planned to eat. Of course, I won’t eat all of them at once, in one sitting hahaha. I’ll save the left over for tomorrow so I won’t need to cook anymore.

When I finished my cooking, I started doing my laundry for two days. It’s not that much soiled clothes (10 pieces only) in the basket because I always do the laundry every two days. I wanted to do it as part of my light exercise for the day. If I am going to wash clothes weekly that would be more tiring to do and troublesome for my back. Couples with that, the clothes need more space to be able to get dry faster.

I got a little hungry so I ate my lunch right after I finished my laundry at 1:00 in the afternoon. The taste was really great. But I was craving for something sweet like fruit so I decided to go to the wet market to buy fresh fruits. I glanced at banana and durian fruits, really mouth watering. So I bought them. When I went back home, I ate them. I was really full that I couldn’t breathe lols. What is it today that I am craving for food that I haven’t tasted for so long? Anyway, I enjoyed it so much.

My Sweetheart called me up at past 4pm; I told him that I will be the chef for tonight’s dinner. The menu that I suggested was Tom Young Soup (Thai traditional soup) and he agreed. I really love eating so I must learn to cook well. And now, I am starting to learn. I really have to because I won’t like that my family will get hungry just because I don’t know how to cook (or well enough) food.


Ely Biado said...

A typical mother and wife.

Ganyan nga. Ipakita mo sa asawa mo na ang Pilipino ay mapagmahal, maalalahanin, maaasahan at mapagkakatiwalaan.

Mabuhay Ka.

Ely Biado said...

A typical Filipina.

Ganyan nga. Ipakita mo sa husband mo na ang mga Pilipino ay masipag, maalalahanin, mapagmahal at mapagkakatiwalaan.

Mga katangiang puede nating ipagmalaki.

Elektra said...

So nice of you, Sir Ely. Thanks for your comments. Sa umpisa nga ang tingin nya sa lahat ng Pinay ay mga mukang pera at manloloko. Pero nagbago ang pananaw nya sa mga Pinay ng makilala nya ako. Kc cnabi ko sa kanya may mga mababait at mapagkakatiwalaan na Pinay, ganun din nman kahit sa anong bansa may mga mabait at masama. Again, thank you

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