Friday, December 11, 2009

안녕 = Annyeong !!!

안녕!!! = I Belong!

안녕 =  Annyeong means….

1. How are you?
2. Hi!
3. Hello!
4. Good day! Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!
5. Goodbye!

*Annyeong (adult saying to kids/young person)
*Annyeong Hasseyo (same age/level of profession)
*Annyeong Hashimnika (young person to higher authority as a sign of respect say this to the parents, old folks, employer, teacher, Royal family, police, person in higher rank)

South Korea's alphabet is called "Hangul". There are three kinds of pattern in speaking korean language. When you are talking with younger than you are, your same age and person older than you or the higher authority (King, Police, Teachers, Higher officials, etc.). Hangul is a phonemic alphabet organized into syllabic blocks. Each block consists of at least two of the 24 Hangul letters with at least one each of the 14 consonants and 10 vowels. These syllabic blocks can be written horizontally from left to right as well as vertically from top to bottom in columns from right to left. Originally, the alphabet had several additional letters.
I have been studying Korean language since January of 2007. Actually, it was funny and yet interesting as I was enrolled in the Public Elementary School in Anseong City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea (from Seoul it takes about one hour to get there). It may sound weird studying together with the first grade pupils. Well…  yeah~ though it doesn’t matter because somehow I was learning from them and so were they…

My first day in class was really funny because every one was looking at me. I was nervous then, as I thought whether I looked pretty or ugly in their eyes LOL. Perhaps, they only would like to make friends with me but they didn't know how to approach me . They couldn't speak any english aside from hello and hi. But then, I realized that they were just curious about a foreigner like me of how I eat, move, speak and think.

As the days went on, they had a chance to chat with me. Although, they were afraid to speak in English. I found myself, reaching out to them speaking in Korean so we could communicate easily. Later on, they had tried their best to speak in English or Konglish (Korean-English mixed like Taglish in Filipino term) with me because they said I was interesting to be with. I played with them during our free time in school.

I was even surprised when, everyone wanted to sit beside me during the lecture and every meal time. We ate lunch in school and I was lucky that my school supplies, meal and fresh milk everyday were all subsidized. Whenever we had a group activity in class, they always wanted me to be part of their team. Some of the children, were even jealous if I decided not to join other team. The children invited me to visit them in their house just to play and chat with them. Some of them, invited me to attend their birthday parties, While, most of them, wanted me to meet their families and friends. It was a fun experience to study basic Korean with the kids. It is simply because I felt the sincerity, hospitality and friendliness of everyone which made me felt like I was at home.  

A few months after, I had gained many friends (from all walks of life LOL). They were asking me to teach their children. I knew for a fact, that teaching ESL for children was not that easy for me there. I would loved to teach adults though.. So I decided to choose my students wisely based on age level and their english skills/ abilities. 

Until now, I still have communication with them via yahoo chat, facebook, friendster and skype. It is indeed difficult to make friends... specially to find a genuine friendship that would last a lifetime. They told me that, they're so grateful for meeting me because they're not shy to learn english when I was their teacher. As they could express themselves and they're not worried to speak bad english with me because they're comfortable. 

At first, I doubted my teaching skills and knowledge of the basic grammar, however, I was able to overcome my fear and insecurities. I just thought that these people have faith in me. They trusted me because they believed that I was capable of teaching them. They never think of qualification/s or whatever for as long as I can speak in English with an american accent. 

Eventually, I was able to come up with a teaching plan/syllabus through my unending patience in research and passion on teaching privately. Not only that I had gained so many true concern friends in my neighborhood (Samsung Condominium but they called it apartment), but I also became part of their family or circle. I belong...

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